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The Next Great Baker EpisodesSeason 3    

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  • Game On!
    The contestants are asked to create a Mexican fiesta themed groom's cake for Mario Lopez's wedding. When personalities clash in the kitchen, enemy lines are drawn and cakes are put in jeopardy.

  • Cake Powers, Activate!
    This week the contestants must invent their own comic book superheroes, and build a 3-foot tall cake that tells their story. You can run, but you can't hide because judging this week's cake is the meanest and greenest superhero of them all!

  • Bunny Suits And BB Guns
    Happy Holidays! The bakers are asked to make a cake for the cast of the new Broadway musical A Christmas Story. Using inspiration from the classic movie and musical, the bakers will have to fight to win the attention of guest judge Peter Billingsley.

  • Cake Roast
    The bakers are assigned their toughest challenge yet, life-sized cakes. Divided into two teams, the competitors battle it out to create life-sized cakes of comediennes Judy Gould and Carol Leifer.

  • New Year's Eve, Hoboken Style!
    The contestants discuss the casting process, their first day at the bakery and emerging rivalries.

  • Wedding Belles
    Wedding bells are ringing in Hoboken! This week the competitors must create wedding cakes for some very particular brides. But when the brides decide to change their design plans mid-challenge, the competitors must race against the clock to finish!

  • Cakes Al Dente
    This week the competitors are charged with making a 3-foot tall cake that represents an Italian family dinner. Everything on the cake must be a recreation of authentic Italian food - meatballs, spaghetti, Parmesan and more!

  • Battle Of The Sexes
    It's girls against boys in a themed-cake elimination challenge. Buddy has charged both teams with creating inventive theme cakes for the bakery's portfolio. But when Buddy throws a monkey wrench in the competition both teams will bake for their lives.

  • Happy Birthday Kelly
    Morning show host Kelly Rippa is celebrating a birthday! And her co-host Michael Strahan asks the competitors to create the perfect cake to celebrate. Teams work around the clock to make a cake that will be presented to Kelly on live TV.

  • Momma Knows Best
    It's down to the final 4 as Buddy challenges the bakers to create tribute cakes for their mothers. And later, Buddy brings in a couple surprise helpers to get the job done right. The competition heats up as each baker brings their best!

  • Road To The Finale
    The final three contestants look back at the most-memorable moments from Season 3.

  • Vegas Baby!
    Buddy takes the competitors to Las Vegas for one last showdown! With help from past competitors and Buddy's family the 3 final bakers must bake, sell and decorate to the finish line. At the end, only one competitor will be crowned The Next Great Baker!
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