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The Next Great Baker EpisodesSeason 4    

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  • Empire State Of Mind
    10 pairs of bakers visit New York City landmarks for inspiration in their first cake challenge. Buddy is aided by two new judges this season: chocolatier Jacques Torres; and Magnolia Bakery's Bobbie Lloyd.

  • Sugar High
    Bakers choose their own teams in a challenge that involves 100 pounds of candy and a very demanding client.

  • Destination Wedding!
    The bakers use something borrowed to complete this cake challenge: someone else's partner! They are thrown into arranged marriages with new partners to construct a destination wedding cake. Helping Buddy judge are two famous players in the game of love.

  • Buddy's Winter BBQ
    Competition sizzles when the teams have to make barbeque inspired cakes. As if making a six-foot long hot dog and a 4-foot wide hamburger was not stressful enough, the teams will have to present their cakes to Buddy's family!

  • Nightmare On Baker Street
    A horror-film challenge requires the contestants to create the goriest cakes imaginable, and one of the judges is a famous movie villain.

  • Long Island Medium Cakes
    Replicas of Theresa Caputo, aka the "Long Island Medium," are baked for a charity event and are judged by the reality TV star herself.

  • Gravity Defying Cakes
    A trip to Rachael Ray's show will decide the winner of a competition involving the creation of cakes that defy gravity.

  • Sexiest Cakes Alive
    Cakes with a moving element make up the contestants' quest to be featured in People magazine as part of the publication's 40th anniversary.

  • Wow Cakes
    An eliminated group returns when the teams unveil their creations at the Cake Boss Cafe in New York City's Times Square.

  • Vegas Showstoppers
    Three teams are left, but only two will qualify for a final showdown in Las Vegas, and they must take the judges' specialties into account to come out on top.
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