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Beat Bobby Flay EpisodesSeason 10    

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  • Comforts Of Home
    TV food stylist Jackie Rothong takes on Italian-born Matteo Boffo, each hoping to send the other one packing early. Food Network's Scott Conant and reality star entrepreneur Bethenny Frankel must decide who actually gets a shot at Bobby Flay.

  • Shore Fire Strategy
    Worst Cooks in America's Anne Burrell and wisecracking comedian Mario Cantone want nothing more than for Bobby Flay to crash and burn! Martin Rios from Santa Fe, N.M. and proud Jersey boy Geoff Johnson are hoping they have an edge over each other and Bobby.

  • Howdy Halloween
    Two Texan pastry chefs, Katherine Clapner and Joe "The Baker" Baker cross their fingers that they get less tricks and more treats as The Kitchen's Sunny Anderson and Cooking Channel's Laura Vitale try to spook Bobby Flay into a horrifying defeat.

  • Bobby-Bing Bobby-Boom!
    HGTV's Kitchen Cousins, Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri, and Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli have brought in tough-as-nails Toni Sapienza and Rodney Murillo to make Bobby see red, white and green. Think Chef Flay can survive this Italian onslaught? Fuggetaboutit!

  • Che-Sing Glory
    Chef Andres Dangond puts his Colombian flair on display against Asian fusion maestro Tony Nguyen for a shot at one of America's best chefs, Bobby Flay. Saturday Night Live's Michael Che teams up with Cooks vs. Cons host Geoffrey Zakarian in hopes that they'll be the ones laughing at the end of the night.

  • Hold On For One More Flay
    Music legend Carnie Wilson joins The Kitchen's Katie Lee in the quest to burst Bobby Flay's bubble. Philly's sausage king Jeremy Nolen and Indian grill master Vijay Sadhu vie for the chance to deliver the knockout punch.

  • Surprise Surprise!
    The Windy City's Pat Sheerin and Chinese-American caterer Katie Chin are hoping that what they've got up their sleeves will be enough to send Bobby Flay packing. Food Network's Sandra Lee and west coast chef Curtis Stone will decide who gets to go one-on-one with the man himself.

  • Country Boys In The Big City
    Chopped host Ted Allen pairs up with chef Anne Burrell to weigh in on which contender has the best chance at handing Bobby Flay a loss. Caribbean comfort food chef Justin Gaines and St. Louis barbecue tycoon Mike Johnson hope their plate packs the punch needed to get Ted and Anne's vote.

  • Thanks But No Thanksgiving
    It's Thanksgiving, and the legendary Martha Stewart joins Chopped judge Scott Conant to ensure Bobby Flay gets the short end of the wishbone. Moroccan-born Omar Zerrei and former Iron Chef America sous chef Ed Cotton aim to send Bobby back to the kids' table.

  • You've Got To Be Kidding Me!
    Military veteran and grandma Line Pelletier and Brooklyn soul food chef Chris Scott try to school each other for a chance to get Bobby Flay beat. The Chew's Carla Hall is joined by two kids, 12 year-old Oscar nominee Quvenzhane Wallis and Modern Family's amateur food critic, Aubrey Anderson-Emmons, to decide who gets to put Bobby to bed.

  • Back To School
    It's a schoolyard battle of all-star pastry chefs as Bobby Flay's friend, the legendary Francois Payard, takes on the whimsical creations of top New York City pastry chef, Zac Young. Food Network's Ted Allen and Girl Meets World's kid star Rowan Blanchard are eager to tarnish Bobby's winning record.

  • Whiz Kids
    The Kitchen's Sunny Anderson and kid chefs Gibson Borelli and Tyler Zager have just one homework assignment: beat Bobby Flay! They'll see to it that either California restaurateur Claud Beltran or first-time dad Brian Santos has what it takes to pass the final exam: a one-on-one showdown with Bobby Flay himself.

  • Like Father, Like Daughter
    It's Bring Your Daughter to Work Day, as Food Network's Scott Conant is joined by his six year-old daughter Ayla in their quest to beat up on Bobby Flay. New York City chef Lee Knoeppel and private chef Max Hardy are bringing their best versions of kid-friendly classics to bully Bobby out of first place.
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