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Best Thing EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Totally Fried
    Food Network stars open up about the best FRIED foods they've ever eaten... from Bobby Flay's favorite French fries, to Giada's passion for decadent fried doughnuts, and Guy Fieri's love affair with a Caribbean classic! We visit the locations where the fryers are hot and reveal how these dishes are totally fried to perfection.

  • Bar-B-Que
    Your favorite Food Network personalities get into the meat of things as they reveal the best BAR-B-QUE they've ever eaten... from Memphis to San Francisco, Pulled Pork cooked in a basement to Beef Brisket smoked in a giant Armadillo! We head across country to find out where stars including Tyler Florence, Bobby Flay, and Ted Allen get BAR-B-QUE at its best.

  • With Bacon
    What makes everything better? Bacon! Whether it's on a burger or a donut, Food Network stars including Guy Fieri, Duff, and Aida Mollenkamp talk about their favorite foods made with bacon. From San Diego to Atlanta, LA to New York, find out where to get the BEST pork-a-licious dishes, and why these accomplished chefs say it's The Best Thing I Ever Ate... with BACON!

  • Sugar Rush
    Giada, Duff and Sandra Lee reveal what satisfies their sweet tooth.

  • Obsessions
    Chefs reveal dishes they are obsessed about.

  • Wake Up Call
    Food Network stars talk about the foods they love to start their day with.

  • Pizza
    Food Network stars give their personal take on where to find the best pizza.

  • Between Bread
    Michael Symon, Guy Fieri and Aaron McCargo Jr.

  • With My Hands
    Favorite hand-sized treats.

  • Filled With Envy
    Delicacies that Duff, Tyler Florence and Sandra Lee wish they had thought of.
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