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Best ThingEpisodesSeason 2    

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  • Holidays
    Food Network chefs Alton Brown, Alex Guarnaschelli, Tyler Florence, Aaron Sanchez, Claire Robinson, and Duff Goldman along with chef and cookbook author Art Smith share the stories behind their favorite holiday foods. From the snowy streets of Chicago to the beautiful beaches of the Carolinas, the chefs will recount and track down the treats that top their wish lists, including raisin-studded panettone, smoky southern barbecue, and perfectly crisp Peking duck.

  • Hometown Favorites
    There's no place like home, there's no place like home... at least according to Giada, Alton, Ina, and Emeril. They're among the Food Network favorites who reveal the best thing they've ever eaten in their hometowns, from a savory West Coast burger to an out-of-this-world Southern-style hot dog, not to mention the pasta, pizza and Portuguese soup in between.

  • Cheesy
    The ultimate soup and sandwich, a burger that defies gravity, better-than-grandma's lasagna and a souffle the French would envy. Find out why these dishes and more have Giada, Ina, Alex, and Sunny smiling and saying "cheeeeese."

  • Salty Goodness
    Whether it's a cured country ham, a decadent chocolate-caramel brownie, or luxurious caviar, they all have one thing in common... SALT! Food Network stars including Alton, Tyler, Michael Symon and The Neelys reveal eight dishes they guarantee are definitely worth their salt!

  • Meat-Fest
    Get ready to unleash your inner carnivore as Food Network stars including Duff, Michael Symon, Ted Allen and Cat Cora bring on the meat! Leg of beast, roast suckling pig, lamb shank, even a tri-tip sandwich... it's meat that can't be beat!

  • Snack Attack
    It's just past lunch and not quite dinner...hmmmm, must be time for a snack! From pickles to tacos, nachos to nuts, we reveal the snackalicious snacks craved by Giada, Ted Allen, Alex Guarnaschelli, Curtis Stone and more! These bite sized treats are perfect to kick-start the Superbowl and satisfy any snack attack.

  • Chocolate
    Whether it's melting in a souffle, wrapped around cr???me Brule, poured over chicken or baked into a cookie that defies all chocolate logic - this is definitely chocolate at it's best! Food Network stars including Alton, Duff, Tyler Florence and Claire Robinson unwrap their favorite chocolate delights.

  • Crunchy
    What do onion rings, corn fritters, egg rolls and caramel corn have in common? They all make the same sound... CRUNCH! And they are just a few of the best crispy foods Duff, Claire Robinson, Brian Boitano and others have ever eaten! From bowling alleys to movie theaters, find out where that delicious sound is coming from!

  • The Classics
    For Food Network stars including Ina, Emeril, Giada and others no food is more comforting than...The Classics. From perfectly juicy prime rib, to creamy mashed potatoes, succulent meatloaf, and more, discover where their most memorable favorites will never go out of style.

  • Guilty Pleasures
    It's so bad it's good! With dishes like a mountainous 24 layer chocolate cake, and a succulent steak stuffed with golden fried oysters, or a pile of crispy duck fat fries smothered in cheese and gravy, it's no surprise Food Network stars including Michael Symon, Sunny Anderson, and Claire Robinson are torn between guilt... and pleasure.

  • Hot & Spicy
    Things start heating up when Tyler Florence, Ted Allen, Ina Garten, The Neelys and others share their best ever HOT AND SPICY dishes. From delicious mouth-burning Spicy Crab to eye-watering Cajun style Jambalaya Pasta. Find out why these dishes and more are making temperatures rise!

  • Totally Unexpected
    Guacamole with sage, blue cheese, and bacon? Ice cream made from prosciutto? A candy bar that's battered and deep fried? These are just a few of the dishes Food Network stars including Michael Symon, Chris Cosentino, Sunny Anderson, and Alton Brown say they never expected to be the best thing they ever ate!

  • Served Cold
    What do the sunny beaches of Maui, HI and the snowy mountains of Jackson Hole, WY have in common? They're two of the eight places where Food Network stars including Giada, Cat Cora and Duff find their favorite foods... served cold - from a fresh chilled lobster roll to ceviche that is unlike any other... and let's not forget sweets like lemon ice box pie, and passionfruit creme Brule!
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