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Cake Boss EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • A Bride, A Boat, And Bamboozled!
    After beginning a week completely jam-packed with cake orders, Buddy gets a call from a customer he cannot possibly turn down - a photo spread in Brides Magazine. But last minute changes mean Buddy has to crack the whip to make the deadline!

  • A Fire, A Fashionista, And Family
    Buddy and his team learn that where there's smoke, there's fire when they have to build a fire engine cake complete with working lights, siren and smoke. Also, Buddy recreates his father's trademark cake for the family memorial dinner.

  • Bunny, Birthday, And Burnt Food
    It's one of the busiest weeks of the year at Carlo's Bakery with orders pouring in for Easter and a last minute Easter Bunny cake turns into more than the team bargained for. And the family is nervous when Grace decides to cook Easter Dinner for everyone.

  • Weddings, Water And Whacked!
  • Bi-Plane, Bridezilla & Busting Buddy
    Buddy agrees to make a charity bi-plane cake for a local hospital and an unreasonable Bridezilla makes everyone's life difficult after the bakery crew makes a cake that she's not pleased with. Stretch plots revenge against Buddy with unexpected results.

  • Undead, Unclothed, And Unhappy Mama
    Buddy is thrown out of his comfort zone when he's asked to make a zombie cake for a couple of undead clients. This week the team also has to make an erotic bachelorette cake for some wild women. It's all fun and games until Mama finds out!

  • Doves, Ducks, And Delicacies
    Buddy is excited to create an old-school wedding cake like the kind his father used to make; tall, ornate and filled with live birds?! A dad-to-be comes to the bakery to order a giant lobster tail pastry for his pregnant wife.

  • Museum, Mistakes & Mother Mary
    The Carlo's team gets to take a field trip to a local museum for a prehistoric mammal cake. A Sweet 16 cake proves to be more work than anyone planned on and Frankie makes and decorates a cake all by himself for a very hard to please client... Mary!

  • Soldiers, Sand And Salads
    Buddy and Co are like kids in a toy store - literally, when they are asked to make a FAO Schwarz-themed cake for a twins birthday party. They also have a beach-themed cake to create for a local beach club and the Carlo's team have a weight loss challenge.

  • Chinese Culture And Cannolis
    The Carlo's team has a unique and challenging cake to make this week, a traditional Chinese dragon cake for a dragon boat racing team. It's also a big week at the bakery preparing hundreds of cannoli shells for the annual $.25 Throw Back Cannoli Day.

  • A Blindfold, A Bikini And Breathing Fire
    Buddy is used to putting out fires, not starting them but all that changes when he's asked to make a tiki cake that spits fire. If that weren't enough, Mauro challenges him to ice a cake blindfolded!

  • Leaning, Lobsters & Lectures
    Buddy has to channel his inner-Italian to create a Leaning Tower of Pisa wedding cake. Then, he gets into hot water when he must pull together a show stopping lobsterbake-themed cake at the last second after a client mixes up the date!

  • Fireworks, Falling Fondant & Fathers
    A fellow family owned business asks Buddy and the Carlo's team to honor their patriarch by creating a special cake featuring their company's product... fireworks! Then Buddy attends 'Bring Your Dad to School Day' at Buddy Jr's elementary school.
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