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Cake Boss EpisodesSeason 3    

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  • Governor, Giant Lisa & Good-Bye Mama
    Buddy is asked to make a cake for NJ Gov. Christie's inauguration gala. It's also Buddy's wife Lisa's birthday and he wants to surprise her with a truly one of a kind cake. Mama makes a huge announcement to her family about the future of the bakery.

  • Ultimate Cake Boss
    Ultimate Cake Off welcomes the Cake Boss! With Buddy Valastro as a judge, brothers-in-law Mauro, Remy and Joey compete in an epic battle for the honor of showcasing their cake at the 100th anniversary celebration of Carlo's Bake Shop.

  • Peppermint & A Polar Bear Plunge
    It's a cold week at the bakery when Buddy makes a cake for the Coney Island Polar Bear Club and is invited to take a cold-water winter swim with them. It's also Buddy's youngest son's birthday and he has a special ice cream cake. Burr!

  • Roses, Romance, & A Romeo
    Buddy's got his work cut out for him this week when he's asked to make wedding cakes for fourteen couples getting married in a mass wedding on Valentine's Day. Cousin Anthony asks someone at the bakery to be his valentine.

  • Tournament Of Knights & A Tasty Tiramisu
    Buddy and his team travel back in time this week when they are asked to make a cake for the King of Medieval Times and Buddy is challenged to a joust. Buddy channels his father when he makes an old-school tiramisu cake for an Italian customer.

  • Hieroglyphics, Hearse, & Happy Parents
    Experience a week in the life of Carlo's Bakery when Buddy and his team make three over the top cakes for three very unique clients including a pink hearse cake, a baby shower cake and an Egyptian-themed sweet 16 cake.

  • Chopped Head & A Crazy Cravings Cake
    The Carlo clan gets to channel their inner aristocrat when they're asked to create a cake and French pastries for a Marie Antoinette-themed party. Meanwhile, Buddy and Remy make a cake for Lisa G's baby shower based on all the weird foods she's craving.

  • Magazines, A Mega Screen & Maurizio
    Buddy gets invited to make a high-tech cake for NASDAQ and a cake for O Magazine all in the same week. Cousin Anthony wants to drive less and bake more but has to find a replacement for himself.

  • A Princess, A Pirate & A Perplexing Arch
    A client drives all the way from St. Louis to order an over-the-top cake for the grand opening of a casino. Meanwhile, Buddy doesn't want to disappoint his toughest critic Mary, when he's asked to make a pirate-themed cake for her twin's birthday party.

  • 6-foot Sub Sandwich, Zeppoles & A Sick Mauro
    There's a hero at the bakery this week and it's not Buddy, but rather a Six-Foot Hero Sandwich Cake for a local deli's 100th anniversary party. It's also Easter week so the team is swamped with cranking out all of the holiday favorites.

  • Color, Camouflage & Cupcake Day
    A war breaks out when the Carlo gang are challenged to show their shooting skills in order to make a paintball cake. It's also the annual Throwback Cannoli Day at the bakery, but everyone's in for a big surprise when Buddy decides to make a change.

  • Key To The City & A Key-Tar Cake
    It's blast to the past week at Carlo's when Buddy is asked to make a retro cake for an 80's tribute band. He also takes a trip down memory lane when his birthplace of Little Ferry, New Jersey presents him with the key to the city.

  • Barbers & Bulls
    Buddy is asked to make a Mechanical Bull Cake- complete with movement. It's also the anniversary of the barbershop where Buddy's been getting his hair cut since he was a kid and he wants to make them a cake they won't forget.

  • Mother's Day, Mama & Mom-To-Be
    It's a very special Mother's Day at the bakery when Buddy is asked to make a cake for the Adoptive Parents Committee's Mother's Day celebration. Also, another mother is celebrated when Lisa has her baby.

  • Helmet Cake, Healthy Mauro, & Huge Train Cake
    Choo choo! It's National Train Day as Carlo's team has to make a HUGE cake complete with tunnels for model trains. Joey wants to make a firefighter themed cake for his retiring fire captain. Mauro's son helps his dad get healthy.

  • Strawberries, Sinatra, & Sick Ovens
    Buddy and Co. make a cake for Haagen Daaz's 50th anniversary while also making a cake for the Broadway show Come Fly Away. But orders are difficult to fill this week when the ovens start acting up again.

  • Familia, Fishing, & Family History
    Buon giorno! The Valastro's are in Italy! The first stops on the trip are Altamura and Lipari... the birthplaces of Mama and Buddy Sr. But the trip isn't all play as Buddy is asked to make a wedding cake AND a baby shower cake for his cousins.

  • Frescos, Fountains & Family Wishes
    The Valastro's continue their trip around Italy visiting the capital city of Rome. Buddy, Ralph and Danny get a culture lesson when they're asked to make a cake inspired by a fresco painting for an art collector.

  • Cassata, Cheesecakes & Crates Of Wine
    The Valastro's spend the last leg of their Italian vacation in Sicily where they visit a local winery. Much to the surprise of Buddy's family, he decides to make a Wine Bottle Cake for the winery owner.

  • Sandals, Sandwiches, & Shelves
    A client travels all the way from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina this week to order a giant Flip Flop Cake. A local school also asks Buddy to create a kid-friendly cake to celebrate the continuation of their students. PB and J anyone?

  • Pipes, A Phoenix, & A Problematic Kitchen
    Buddy and Co. create a Phoenix Cake for a neighborhood Irish bar but it's not easy since the ovens are being replaced and the bakery is in shambles. Joey tests out the new ovens by making his famous Irish Soda Bread.

  • Snooki, Super Anthony, & A Ship
    Buddy takes a fieldtrip to the Seaport Museum in NY to get inspiration for a nautical-themed cake. Meanwhile, a special Jersey celebrity stops by Carlo's to order a cake for her mom but attracts the attention of one of the crew during the process.

  • Sweet Sixteen, Stars, & A Saber Sword
    Buddy makes a cake for the 100th anniversary of the Cadet Chapel at West Point while also making a Hollywood-themed cake for Mauro's daughter's red carpet Sweet 16 soiree.

  • Crazy Chocolate Cake & Carlo's Centennial Celebration
    Carlo's Bakery celebrates their 100th anniversary with a HUGE walk down memory lane cake and block party. Buddy and the crew also make a chocolate lovers dream cake for a chocoholic client. Buddy makes a special announcement about the future of Carlo's.

  • Santa, Sunrise, & Snowmen Cupcakes
    Ho, ho, ho! It's the busiest day of the year at Carlo's Bakery... Christmas Eve. And all hands are on deck to make sure every customer gets what they need for Christmas be it cookies, cakes or pies. There's no rest for busy bakers during the holidays!
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