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Cake Boss EpisodesSeason 4    

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  • Circus, Celebrity Chef, & Surprise!
    Buddy makes a cake for The Greatest Show On Earth. Later, celebrity chef Rachel Ray stops by to ask Buddy for a special request. Finally, Buddy has a surprise for not only his Carlo family, but his pregnant wife Lisa!

  • Shark Cake, Scooter, & Smelly Fish
    Buddy takes the bakery gang fishing to get inspiration for a lean mean shark cake. Later back at the bakery, Buddy has a surprise for Mauro and Madeline's birthdays.

  • Hot Air Balloon Cake & Happy Little Bakers
    Buddy bakes with four little aspiring bakers, all suffering from a life-threatening illness, on their personal "Make-A-Wish" cake. And it doesn't stop their as Buddy plans to wow the foundation with a very special hot air balloon themed cake.

  • Toilets & Textiles
    Buddy gets one of his hardest cakes yet - a request for a replica of a toilet that actually flushes! Later, Wendy, owner of the Denim Lounge, is having a baby shower and asks Buddy for an unusual baby shower cake.

  • Ships, Sonograms, & Sister Drama
    Buddy showcases pride in his Italian heritage by making a tribute cake for the Columbus Day Parade with a cake so big it needs a forklift to lift it! Lisa and Buddy get her six month ultrasound but will the news be okay?

  • Snow Globe, Story Book Cake & A Scare
    Buddy is asked to make a snow globe cake for a surprise engagement. Meanwhile, he surprises his daughter's 2nd grade class with a special story book cake inspired by his daughter. Later, Lisa is rushed to the doctor's office giving Buddy a huge scare.

  • Baby Special
    Buddy and Lisa prepare to welcome their fourth child, and get the bakery ready for one of the busiest days of the year: Valentine's Day. Meanwhile, the couple have to pick godparents, get the nursery ready and navigate a difficult breech pregnancy.

  • Pucks, Pastries & Pushy Grace
    Buddy gets a request from two hockey-loving boys who want a full size arcade-style hockey table cake complete with moving figures that can actually be played.

  • Staten Island Chuck, Strange Oddities & Sal
    The crew designs a cake for "Staten Island Chuck." Later, Buddy makes a topsy-turvy cake for a client based off her favorite place in the world Ripley's Believe It Or Not. Finally, the famiglia pays tribute to Sal.

  • Punches, Psychics & Piping
    The bakery gets a surprise visit from WWE Champion Santino Morella as he shows off some trademark wrestling moves and orders a massive "Road to Wrestlemania" cake.

  • Designer, Deadlines & Diagnosis
    Fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi commissions Buddy to make seven fashion-inspired cakes that models will carry down the runway. Later, Buddy checks on construction of his new factory. And finally, Buddy visits the doctor and finds out he needs surgery.

  • Tulips, Taxes & Take It Easy
    Buddy must create an 8-tiered flower cake for the Philadelphia Flower Show and a life-sized accountant cake in celebration of tax season. But will Buddy be able to take it easy before he goes in for his hernia operation?

  • Second Anniversary, Surgery & St. Patty's
    Buddy is selected to be the Grand Marshall of Hoboken's St. Patrick's day parade, but Joey has issues with the selection. Later, a couple orders an intricate second anniversary themed cake, but with Buddy away for surgery, will Mauro be up to the task?

  • Space Shuttle, Stepping Up & Surprise!
    Buddy attempts to create a space shuttle cake for NASA that lifts off! Meanwhile at the bakery, Buddy wants to change the Carlo's store display and catalogue with the help of his baking crew. Later Buddy creates a special cake for Momma!

  • Houses, Help, & Hitting The Road!
    Buddy takes on one of his most difficult cake builds, creating a cake that must represent houses from around the world for Century 21's 40th anniversary. To add to the challenge, it must also feed over 4000 employees and deliver to Las Vegas.

  • Headphones, Helicopters, & Handcuffed
    Buddy makes a surprise cake for Anthony that looks like a DJ set up complete with lights and moving turntables! Meanwhile, a client stops by with a request to create a cake for their medivac unit and offers Buddy a chance to deliver it by helicopter.

  • A Big Bumblebee & A Bossy Grace
    Buddy is asked to create a giant Bumblebee cake to help promote the blockbuster movie Transformers 3 and the all new Camaro that will be on display at the New York Auto Show. Meanwhile, Grace is left in charge of the bakery.

  • Competition, Complications, & Communion
    Buddy makes a bowling cake that leads to a good ole boys vs. girls match on the lanes. Meanwhile, it's Sophia's first communion and it's up to Buddy to make a special cake. Later, Buddy gets news that there are complications at his new factory.

  • Bugs, Break Ups & Burned-Out
    Bugs, spiders, and break ups, oh my! Buddy is asked to make a cake with real insects as the ingredients, but he won't let bugs into his kitchen! Meanwhile, a friend of one of the bakers needs some cheering up so it's up to Buddy to make a cake!

  • Moving Cake, Marbles & Mess Ups
    Buddy creates a go-cart cake that has to move. Later, a friend of the family requests a special birthday cake for someone who is turning 101 years old!

  • Cheeseburgers, Cures & A Challenge
    Buddy makes a giant Cheeseburger Cake in honor of National Hamburger Month. Later, Buddy and the crew are honored to make a special cake for the American Cancer Society.

  • Campfires, Computers & Concerns
    Buddy gets a special request from a client who wants to celebrate his annual camping trip with cake that has a real fire in it for roasting marshmallows! Meanwhile, a friend stops by with a request for a high-tech cake wired by phones and a computer.

  • Prize Cow, Pop-Tarts & Patience
    Buddy & the crew make a replica cake of a client's prize milking cow that actually milks! Also, a family who has just moved to Hoboken makes a special cake request to cheer up their son who is homesick. Finally, Joey & Grace discuss a big decision.

  • Chandelier Cake & A Christening
    Buddy is asked to create one of his most challenging cakes yet - an edible chandelier cake that must hang upside down! Meanwhile, it's Baby Carlo's Christening and Buddy's pulling out all the stops to make it special.

  • Paleontology & Popping The Question
    Wedding bells sound more like roars this week when Buddy makes a giant dinosaur cake for a dino-loving couple getting married in a museum. And for their 10-year anniversary, Buddy gets romantic by proposing to Lisa all over again.

  • State Fair, Syracuse Bound & Special Anniversary
    The State Fair Meadowlands is celebrating their 25th anniversary and Buddy has the perfect cake in mind. Meanwhile, Joey and Grace's son Rob has been accepted to Syracuse University and celebrate with a SU themed cake!

  • Transport Troubles & Two Brides
    Buddy helps celebrate Rolls Royce's new dealership in Chicago with a giant Chicago-themed, but building the cake is just half the problem. Meanwhile, it's time to make history as Buddy makes a cake for a very special couple in Long Island.

  • Dear Buddy
    Want to know how Buddy gets his fondant so smooth or how the sisters handle the hundreds of customers at Carlo's each day? In this special episode of Cake Boss, viewers finally learn all the secrets as Buddy and his crew answer questions from fans.

  • A Funny Regis & Fifty Weddings
    Talk show host Regis Philbin stops by Carlo's to learn how to decorate cakes from the Boss himself. Meanwhile, a bride requests a wedding cake to celebrate her 50th wedding! Finally, Joey gets a visit from his old fire chief about his future.

  • Bees, Beware & Business
    Carlo's is all abuzz this week when Buddy makes a giant behive cake made with real honey! Later, Buddy gets a request from a wife who wants to prank her unsuspecting husband. Finally, all jokes are put aside when Grace and Buddy get down to business.

  • Chocolate Race Cars & Choosing A Dress
    Racecar superstar Danica Patrick stops by Carlo's with a special request and Buddy has the perfect cake for the job. Meanwhile, Lisa's vow renewal plans are speeding along. Next stop - Kleinfeld's as Lisa and the sisters try to find the perfect dress.

  • Spirits & Spumoni
    Is Lackawanna really haunted? Buddy goes on a ghost hunt with some professionals ghost hunters to seek the truth, but will he get more than he bargained for? And later, Joey resurrects an old recipe for Spumoni ice cream cake.

  • Coffins, Costumes & Cake On A Gurney
    It's Halloween and a so-called vampire visits the bakery requesting a life-sized coffin cake. Meanwhile, a young man wants to propose to her med school girlfriend in the operation room. And nothing says Halloween like a good costume party.

  • Soap, Sonograms & Surprise
    Carlo's Bakery is bubbling over this week when Buddy makes a washing machine cake for Tide. Will it be a wash-out? Also, a young couple asks Buddy to make them a gender reveal cake. Finally, Lisa's going crazy from the vow renewal secrets!

  • Props, Pies & Party Time!
    Maurizio is turning 21! Watch the guys put together a huge tiki bar, complete with a drink-serving volcano for his surprise party. Later, a movie crew needs Buddy to make a wedding cake that's going to be featured in a film.

  • Church Cake, Carats, & A Castano's Pool Party
    In celebration of their upcoming vow renewals, Buddy takes Lisa ring shopping to upgrade her wedding band. Next, Buddy C celebrates his birthday with a pool party. Finally, Joey surprises Grace with a replica of their original wedding cake.

  • Family Feast
    It's Thanksgiving Valastro style! The whole famiglia is coming together with their culinary expertise to prepare one big Italian Thanksgiving feast. Plus, Buddy gives the bakery crew a surprise lunch complete with a massive turkey cake for dessert!

  • Family Secrets
    Join us as we take a look inside the lives of the Carlo's Bakery famiglia! How many proposals did it take for Mary to find her Prince Charming? Who was the wild child of the family? The bakery crew gives the inside scoop in this special one hour episode!

  • Bling, Barbecue & Blueprints
    Buddy is asked to make the most expensive cake in his career -- a diamond cake with pearls. But can the sisters be trusted with so much bling? Later, Buddy thanks his construction staff with a good old BBQ and Grace starts her redecorating project.
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