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Cake Boss EpisodesSeason 5    

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  • Fitting In, Fed Up & A First Birthday
    Season 5 kicks off with a bang as Buddy makes a cake for Baby Carlo's first birthday that's fit for a prince! Meanwhile, Marissa learns just what it means to be a part of the crew. And things turn serious when Grace gets fed up with Mary's lateness!

  • Trash, Twirls & Tough Love
    Buddy makes a realistic Trash Truck cake for a family friend. Later, two ladies request a special cake for their friend and founder of their synchronized swim team. And Mary is accused of being rude again to the work staff, forcing Buddy to take action.

  • Stained Glass & A Surprised Danny
    Buddy has a window of divine inspiration when Father Bob orders a cake for an honored church member. But will he finish in time? And despite the crazy schedules, everyone finds the time to surprise Danny for his 50th Birthday with some special guests.

  • Fast Hands & A Flaming Pearl
    Celebrate Chinese New Year Cake Boss-style! Buddy heads down to Chinatown with a Dragon themed cake to ring in the Lunar New Year. But first, the team must create a life-sized punching bag for a couple of mixed martial arts fighters at a local gym.

  • Liberty, Layups & A Loaded Dinner
    Buddy celebrates his hertiage by making a cake in honor of Lady Liberty herself! Plus, Mauro finally realizes his goal of becoming an American citizen. But not everyone is in a celebrating mood as Mary gives everyone a piece of her mind at dinner.

  • Bar Mitzvah, Beads & Oh Baby!
    Lady Luck is on Buddy's side this week when the bakery is asked to make a cake for a high-roller bar mitzvah with a working slot machine! Then the crew has some fun when they celebrate Mardi Gras with a king cake and beads. And will Anthony find love?

  • Beer, Buttercups & Bumbling
    Joey and the guys are commissioned to make a cake that looks and tastes like beer. Then Buddy delivers a tropical wedding cake to two florists getting married. But not everything is rosy when Jay comes back from a delivery with bad news.

  • Presidents, Peanut Butter & Popping-In
    Buddy takes on a monumental task when he's asked to make a Mt. Rushmore cake! Will he be able to chisel cake into perfection? Then, Marissa must make her famous Peanut Butter Cake to impress the Lisas. And Mary makes a return to Carlo's, but for how long?

  • Working At The Car Wash
    Everybody's working at the car wash...cake that is! Buddy builds a fully automated car wash cake, complete with edible cars that really get clean. Later, a couple celebrates a huge milestone: their 75th wedding anniversary.

  • Silly Seuss & Surprise!
    One cake, two cakes. Cat cake, hat cake! Watch Buddy make a Dr. Suess cake using gears and levers that won't break. Then, the family tries to surprise Buddy himself, but tricking the king of Carlo's won't be easy.

  • Ice-ing On The Cake
    Buddy tours Blue Sky Studios with his kids for a preview of "Ice Age: Continental Drift," but mixes business with pleasure when he designs a cake inspired by the movie that includes a floating pirate ship.

  • Going Up?
    Buddy makes an elevator cake for a birthday; Mauro is in charge of a cake for a spelling bee in northern New Jersey.

  • Under The Sea
    Grace's daughter turns 16 at a birthday party with a nautical theme, and her uncle Buddy creates an aquarium cake with edible reefs and sharks.

  • New Deli, New Design
    Buddy makes a deli-case cake for a friend of the family; and his sisters also have a request for a cake to mark three First Communions. Meanwhile, Mary's responsibilities grow at the new baking facility.

  • Cakes On A Plane
    Skydivers eat a cake from Carlo's during their descent; Buddy bakes a cake for his niece after she wins the top prize in a writing competition.

  • A Bittersweet Homecoming
    The Valastro family rally around its matriarch after Mama is diagnosed with a serious illness, and Buddy dedicates a special cake to his mother on Easter.

  • A Golden Opportunity
    Buddy has one day to make a cake that's a life-size replica of actor Betty White. Also: an update on Mama's condition.

  • Ugly Feet And A Fiesta
    Mario Lopez and Courtney Mazza ask Buddy to make a wedding cake for their Mexican ceremony. Also: A spa wants a cake for a contest involving men's feet.

  • From Fury To Furry
    A pet-adoption Web site wants to celebrate a major milestone of 20 million adoptions; Buddy tries to find common ground for a bickering couple who need a cake for their party-planning business.

  • Operation: Tank Cake
    Buddy makes a tank cake for the Army's 237th birthday celebration in Times Square in New York City, while another creation is sent to troops serving overseas in Afghanistan.

  • Hocus Pocus
    Magician Dan Sperry commissions a cake that contains a secret prediction to be revealed during his act.

  • Buddy And The Rockettes
    The Rockettes' 85th anniversary is celebrated in New York City with a cake that features miniature high-kicking dancers. Also: A teen who wants to be a pilot gets a birthday surprise.

  • Cut The Ribbon And The Cake!
    A children's hospital opens in Chicago with a special cake to mark the occasion; a couple want a wedding cake that matches their gray invitations, a color that Buddy dislikes on that kind of cake.

  • Twirls, Whirls And Crashes
    A 2000-lb. carousel cake is delivered to the Steel Pier amusement park in Atlantic City. Meanwhile, Carlo's undergoes some necessary renovations.

  • Players, Lawyers, And Pranksters
    Buddy bakes a cake for NFL coach Tom Coughlin's charity organization; Marissa gets back at the guys with a prank of her own.

  • Light Up The Night!
    A cake with a moving crane is constructed for a scrap-metal company. Also: a cake for a dog wedding.

  • Crane Cake And Puppy Love
    Buddy works on a five-tier Bollywood wedding cake complete with special-effects lighting; Marissa gets a chance to test her cookie recipe at the bakery.

  • A Cowboy In Hoboken
    Country-music star Tim McGraw asks for a cake to help celebrate a home giveaway to a veteran. Also: The winner of "Cake Boss: Next Great Baker" starts working at the bakery.

  • Superheroes And Bakers Unite!
    With great cake, comes great responsibility. This week Buddy takes on a superhero challenge when he's asked to make a cake for Spiderman's 50th Anniversary! Meanwhile, the Next Great Baker shows up late to work and plans for Momma's benefit gala begin!

  • We Will Survive
    It's a very busy week at the bakery as the family prepares for Momma Mary's Benefit Gala. And Buddy's invited a special performer that's sure to surprise Momma and the guests! Plus, Buddy is asked to make a life-size chair cake for a furniture company.
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