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Cake Boss EpisodesSeason 7    

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  • All In The Famiglia
    Labor Games host Lisa Arch helps kick off the seventh season with a live event at Carlo's Bakery that features never-before-seen moments, fun with Buddy's family and chances to win free cakes for a year.

  • Bridges, Beaches & Bad News
    A cake for Oscar winners Common and John Legend is a plum job for the bakery, but Buddy has to put everything aside when Mauro is rushed to the hospital.

  • Big Beast, Brownie Blunders & Back To Baking
    Singapore's 50th birthday is celebrated with a cake that has a lion's head and a fish's body. Meanwhile, Mauro returns to the bakery.

  • Cake Of Thrones
    Ralph's secret life as a live-action role player is revealed when Buddy is asked to make a cake that resembles a griffin. Meanwhile, Mauro gets a makeover; and a cake is made for exchange students.

  • Kid Crush & Carnival
    Buddy makes a Carnival cake for a local Brazilian restaurant. Meanwhile, Buddy's 7-year-old son hopes to impress his valentine with his baking skills.

  • Sweet Chicken And Sweeter Revenge
    A chicken-and-waffle eatery wants a cake to celebrate their anniversary; a monster cake is created for a day-care center; the women play a prank on Frank.

  • Bacon, Banana & Bling
    St. Piggy's Day combines St. Patrick's Day with a pig roast; banana cream pies aren't selling like they used to; Mary tries to jazz up the merchandise.

  • Pizza, Petals & Pandemonium
    A pizzeria is turning 110 and the owners request a cake worthy of the milestone. Meanwhile, Buddy's sister takes an order for a cake covered in small flowers.

  • Hats, Hamantaschen & Head Baker
    An Easter bonnet cake is created for a milliners guild; a traditional Jewish cookie gets a twist; a baker's new role comes with increased responsibilities.

  • High Tea And Hot Rods
    British expatriates ask for a cake to celebrate the birth of Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, the daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

  • Lights, Camera, Cake
    The Tribeca Film Festival is honored with a cake that features popcorn-flavored filling, and Buddy's sisters insist on tagging along on the red carpet.

  • College, Cherry And Challenges
    A cherry blossom cake is created for a local park to mark the arrival of spring. Meanwhile, Grace and Joey celebrate their son's graduation; and a culinary student from England says he can make a better cannoli than Buddy.

  • Mother's Day And Men In Uniform
    Buddy's mom returns from Florida and sees the bakery's renovations for the first time. Meanwhile, Buddy makes a cake for the U.S. Navy celebration of Fleet Week; and Grace finds a new hobby.

  • Best Buds And Baseball Gloves
    A 50th-birthday cake order comes with a twist; Buddy makes a cake for his son's Little League team; Buddy Castano puts an emergency plan in place following his father's health scare.

  • Crabs, Communion, And A Comeback Pastry
    A marina orders a crab cake to kick off the local crabbing season; Buddy's son Marco reaches an important milestone; Joe and Mauro share advice for making zeppoli.

  • Miss Richfield, Matryoshkas And A Melt Down
    Drag performer Miss Richfield 1981 orders a cake for New York City's Gay Pride Family Night. Meanwhile, Buddy makes a cake to celebrate Russian heritage month that features matryoshka dolls; and a busy wedding season takes its toll on the staff.

  • Windmill, Wedding Cake Twist, Winding Down
    Buddy takes a week off, but the orders keep coming in, including one for a windmill cake that must spin and feed hundreds of people. Meanwhile, Maddalena fields a request for a wedding cake with an unusual topper; and the team brings back an old tradition by forming a social club.

  • Picky Nikki, Fresh Catch, And Date Night
    Lisa plans a special meal for Buddy when she's worried about his long hours at work. Meanwhile, a bakery employee is getting married; and a cake is made for a group of fishermen.
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