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Cake Boss EpisodesSeason 8    

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  • Pirates And Pastries
    Buddy and the team make a pirate-theme cake, and a new branch of the bakery prepares to open its doors in Connecticut.

  • Sand Castles And Seeing Double
    A sand-castle cake helps kick off the summer in Asbury Park, N.J.; Buddy makes a cake for 10-year-old twins with vastly different personalities.

  • Botanical Cakes And Anti-Lock Brakes
    The NY Botanical Gardens is celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, and they want Buddy to make the cake. Repeat customers return 10 years later with plans in hand. Carlo’s made their original wedding cake and now they want 5 full cakes to celebrate.

  • Mary Models, Toys And Turkish Marbling
    Mary pursues a new career as a foot model. Also: a cake for a toy company; applying the Turkish art of marbling to cake decorating.

  • Wine And Waltzes
    A cake request from a winery inspires the crew to make their own wine; a client in Virginia wants a life-size piano cake.

  • Fairy Tales, Farewells, And Fake Noses
    A chicken-and-waffle eatery wants a cake to celebrate their anniversary; a monster cake is created for a day-care center; the women play a prank on Frank.

  • Bugging Out And Big Cheers
    Buddy bugs out when he’s asked by a local Science Center to create a cake in honor of their new ant exhibit. The ants may be tiny, but the cake is larger than life. Mauro makes a cake for cheerleaders celebrating spirit week.

  • Spies, Splashes And Bakery Love
    Buddy makes a spy cake for a convention in Las Vegas; Mauro's little brother is getting married to one of the decorators at Carlo's.

  • Steins, Stethoscopes, And Studs
    A local Oktoberfest celebration needs a beer cake; Carlo's men pose for a calendar shoot.

  • Buddha, Brandenburg, And Big Air
    The German ambassador to the U.S. wants a cake that looks like the Brandenburg Gate; Ralph makes a Buddha cake.
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