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Chopped EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Octopus, Duck, Animal Crackers
    All bets are off when a slimy surprise in the Round One mystery basket surprises everybody. Then in the Entree Round, one chef makes a risky creative choice. Will it pay off? And for the two chefs who survive the dreaded Chopping Block and make it all the way to the Dessert Round, challenges abound, when the competitors present their masterpieces made with animal crackers and prunes, will the judges prefer the more whimsical or traditional dish?

  • Tofu, Blueberries, Oysters
    Who does not love tofu? We will find out when four new chefs attempt to work some bean curd magic in Round One. Then in the second course, a challenging surf & turf basket spells trouble for all. What will it take to amaze the judges all the way through to the dessert course? Will they devour the dishes that are clean and rustic, fall for creative fusion, or reward the chef with the most masterful techniques?

  • Avocado, Tahini, Bran Flakes
    The chefs are baffled to find a breakfast staple in the Appetizer Round mystery basket. Who will flake out and who can make it work? Then as the competition heats up, there is theft, deceit, tantrums, confusion and the most sinful food folly of all... double-dipping. For two chefs who survive to the final round, the dessert basket holds a whammy of ingredients, avocado, cantaloupe, pecans, and brioche bread. Ready? Go!

  • Banana, Collard Greens, Grits
    Wrapped in bacon, wrapped in basil, fried and bruleed, bananas take center stage in the Appetizer Round. But when one chef's creation falls apart, is there a sure fire banana backup plan? And you know things are bound to get interesting when the chefs are thrown some Southern curveballs: collard greens in the entree and grits for dessert. To avoid being Chopped, these competitors must keep a few simple cooking truths in mind: Know when you are in over your head. Don't get consumed by pride, and always, always taste your food before it's served.

  • Yucca, Watermelon, Tortillas
    Grace under pressure is the name of the game as the chefs attempt to wow the judges from the first course. Can watermelon and pepper jack cheese make for a good pairing? And will the judges say, yes or yuck, when yucca hits their plates in the second course? But it's not the mystery ingredients, it's the ticking clock that trips up one competitor. When an ingredient falls to the floor, the offending chef must either rise to the challenge or plead for mercy.

  • Canned Peaches, Rice Cakes, Beets
    Stymied by canned peaches in the appetizer round and fruit punch and rice cakes for the entree, the chefs struggle to find a fresh approach. Will ambitious plans to amaze the judges pay off? Or,will the contestants run out of time to do their best work? It all comes down to a heated dessert face-off. The last two chefs must combine beets, goat cheese and oatmeal to create a fantastic final course.

  • Quail, Arctic Char, Beer
    The chefs are determined to give their all from the start. Between Quail, Arctic Char, and Beer which of the showoffs, risk-takers and storytellers make this competition a tense one, right down to the last "chop."

  • Coconut, Calamari And Donuts
    The mandatory ingredients in the appetizer make the chefs nervous when they coconut for appetizers, calamari for entree and donuts with smoked gouda for dessert.

  • Mac & Cheese, Cola And Bacon
    Tune in when a box of macaroni and cheese appears in the appetizer basket, cola in the entree category and bacon for dessert.

  • String Cheese, Jicama And Gingersnaps
    Can the chefs transform string cheese to an appetizer, use jicama in an entree or gingersnaps in a decent dessert? Tune in to see the answers.

  • Jumbo Shrimp, Pepperoni And Cereal
    The chefs make old Granny Smith proud by combining apples with shrimp and peanut butter in their appetizers. Yet, can they overcome the pickled pepper pitfalls of the Entree Round or create a cereal dessert?

  • Chocolate, Mussels And Figs
    Chocolate, figs and mussels are among the featured ingredients.

  • Strawberries, Turkey And Gummi Bears
    The chefs must work with strawberries, turkey and gummi bears.
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