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Chopped EpisodesSeason 4    

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  • Rattle & Roll
    Watch out, there is a big surprise in the appetizer basket! The chefs are shaking in their boots when they discover rattlesnake meat must be included in their first course. After finding another very unexpected ingredient in the Entree Basket, and making a major mistake, one of the competitors makes an emotional plea at the Chopping Block. And when two finalists face off for the $10,000 prize, they attempt to make red-hot desserts out of red jalapenos.

  • My Froggy Clementine
    Jump back! The chefs leap into the Appetizer Round to find frog legs in the first basket. Then, stumped by a fizzy Caribbean staple in the Entree basket, the chefs struggle to make their dishes pop. In the end, with clementines and scotch in the dessert basket, the finalists have to douse flames to make it through a difficult final challenge.

  • Jitters & Giant Eggs
    Panic threatens to paralyze one of the competitors who is overwhelmed by first round jitters. As all the chefs fight to find imaginative ways to use ground turkey in their appetizers. Then in the Entree Round, when one of the chefs uses a modern scientific technique to turn snap peas into a gel, will the high-tech food be highly rated by the judges? In the Dessert Round, tiny tomatoes and a giant egg make for one interesting and difficult final challenge.

  • Dr. Deckle & Mr. Fried
    Things get off to a rough start when three of the four chefs make a jumbo mistake with the jumbo shrimp in the appetizer basket. Then in the Entr???e Round, an unusual cut of beef presents a challenge for the competitors, and the judges must consider whether a creative element on one chef's plate is executed well enough. When the last two chefs appear stumped by tofu skin in the dessert basket, will the judges be pleasantly surprised with the final product?

  • Mussels Mastery & Cotton Candy Can-Do
    The chefs have to muscle through to come up with terrific mussels appetizers in just 20 minutes. Then in the Entr???e Round, a humble breakfast food must be combined with a high-brow delicacy. And with a favorite childhood treat in the final mystery basket, the judges are expecting whimsical desserts, but will the chefs deliver?

  • First Things Worst
    When time runs out on a frantic Appetizer Round, two of the chefs are unhappy with what did not make it on to their calf liver dishes in the final moments, while one chef is upset that a little something extra accidentally did. Then in the Entr???e Round, it is up to the judges to determine who fell short with the long beans and whose cuttlefish was a cut above the rest. And the two finalists devise ambitious plans for using a salty condiment and a sweet fruit in their desserts.

  • Fired Up!
    The competitors get fired up when they discover this particular competition is all about grilling! Only to find some strange basket fellows in the Appetizer Round: striped bass and strawberries. In a smok'n Entr???e Round the chefs try to glean ideas from one another on how to handle a tricky ingredient. And in the last course, a classic American food, perfect for the grill but peculiar in dessert, complicates the judges' final decision.

  • Quahog Quandaries And Pickle Puzzles
    When panic sets in at the end of the Appetizer Round, the judges cheer on a competitor who appears to be giving up on making a completed cookies and clam dish. Then in the rush to get a tantalizing venison entree finished, one chef makes a dangerous mistake. And even though they find peanuts in the dessert basket, the finalists know that they are competing for so much more. The two remaining chefs take the intensity level in the kitchen up a notch as they face off for $10,000.

  • Turbot Powered
    A super bitter ingredient in the appetizer basket leaves the chefs in a quandary and the judges with a sour first impression. In the Entr???e Round, filleting and cooking turbot correctly becomes key to the chefs' success. And when the two finalists come up with the same idea for their English muffin desserts, it's anybody's guess whose will taste better.

  • Keep On Cook'n On
    All eyes are on one very exuberant competitor in the Appetizer Round, as the judges are hoping that everyone's fresh pasta and half-sour pickle dishes are not half bad. And at the Chopping Block, one chef talks about overcoming some difficult personal obstacles in order to continue cooking as a career. Then in the Entr???e Round, a simple cut of meat causes more trouble than expected. Finally, in a dramatic Dessert Round, one of the finalists suffers an injury as he attempts to accomplish a Chopped first.

  • Green Apps And Lamb
    With mint liqueur and canned fish in the appetizer basket, the judges have concerns about how the first course will taste. Then in the Entr???e Round, after raiding the pantry for a plethora of ingredients to complement lamb, one chef endeavors to prepare a very complicated sauce. And when the finalists find an unfamiliar grain in the dessert basket, they boldly present it as the main component in their desserts.

  • Crunch Time
    The ingredients in the appetizer basket get some of the chefs thinking about ballgame fare. Will they strike out, or hit one out of the park? In the Entr???e Round, the competitors must marry shredded wheat crackers with an unusual fish. Then it is crunch time for the two remaining finalists, who attempt to make fantastic desserts with potato chips.

  • Rowdy With A Chance Of Meatballs
    There is chaos and confusion in the Appetizer Round as the chefs race to get their perch plated. Then in the Entree Round, one chef is taken to task for undercooking meatballs, while another is left to explain how her plan for cheese crackers from the mystery basket went wrong. And the two remaining chefs go all out in the final round, after discovering hard candy and hard liquor in the Dessert Basket.
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