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Chopped EpisodesSeason 6    

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  • Victory On The Brain
    A basket bombshell! The chefs must stretch their minds to figure out what to do with goat brains in the appetizer round. And when the competitors find an ingredient that often ends up in the trash pile in the entree basket, they must work to turn scraps into something scrumptious. Then both of the finalists think they can smell a victory, until they get a whiff of the very stinky surprise in the last basket.

  • Prove It On The Plate
    Keep an eye on the clock! The appetizer round ends with a last-minute dash to get mussels and waffles on the plate. And, come tasting time, the judges find some interesting surprises lurking in the dishes. Then with a lean meat and a delicate flower in the entree basket, getting the entree dishes just right is a demanding task. And things get sticky in the final round when a nostalgic candy gives one chef some serious trouble.

  • Marrowly We Roll Along
    Got to get it done! But will the chefs know what to do to marry marrow bones with the other ingredients in the appetizer basket? Then in a challenging entree round, one chef uses avant-garde cooking techniques to try to prove a point, and everyone wrestles with a very labor-intensive mystery ingredient. And with a frozen ingredient in the dessert basket, the finalists might be headed for a meltdown before this competition is over.

  • Doughs And Don'ts
    Never give up! In the midst of preparing her trout appetizer, a feisty chef faces a big set back. Then in the entree round, the competitors have a heck of a time cooking deckle of beef, and one chef's behavior brings up safety concerns. Then fighting it out for all the marbles, the two finalists find marble-sized coconuts in the dessert basket. Will they know what to do with coquitos?

  • A Cornish Mess
    The chefs struggle to create perfect Peking duck appetizers then are very chatty about their philosophies at the Chopping Block. In the entree round the competitors have some huge problems dealing with a seemingly simple protein, and emotions run high when the second chef is eliminated. Then the finalists try to put the low points of the competition behind them and come up with some inspired desserts made with cheese crackers and an unusual fruit.

  • Step Right Up!
    Go fish! The competitors reel in a peculiar combination in the appetizer round: catfish and marshmallows. The tough challenge is made even tougher when first-round nervousness becomes a factor. And in the entree round the chefs are intent on infusing mouthwatering flavor into pork country ribs. Then the judges watch to see which of the two finalists will step up and deliver the better dessert from a basket with Latin flair.

  • All-Stars Tournament: Part 1
    Round one of the competition heats up when past contestants from Food Network Star open their appetizer round baskets to find offal and a sweet treat. Then, in the entree round, the chefs face a challenge when they discover an unusually bitter vegetable in the mystery basket. And, the creative juices flow when the two finalists must whip up desserts using Indian cheese and carrots in efforts to advance to the finale.

  • All-Stars Tournament: Part 2
    Four Food Network superstars feel the pressure in round two as they're challenged to create an appetizer featuring an off-putting canned product. Next, the chefs experience a rude awakening when they find a gamey meat and breakfast cereal in the entree round basket. In a heated third round, the two finalists must pull off eye-catching desserts featuring a time-honored candy and a root vegetable in hopes of advancing to the finale.

  • All-Stars Tournament: Part 3
    Four renowned chefs push their culinary limits in round three beginning with an appetizer mystery basket featuring spicy sausage and exotic mushrooms. Then, it seems like a cinch when the chefs find a delectable fish in the entree round baskets, until they spy one of the other ingredients ??? a popular childhood snack. And, with a Chinese spice and Mexican sugar in the dessert round basket, the two finalists must think globally if they want to advance.

  • All-Stars Tournament: Part 4
    The tables turn in round four as frequent Chopped judges compete for a spot in the final round. The chefs encounter a culinary conundrum when they discover smoked fish and powdered strawberry milk in the appetizer round mystery basket. Then, in the entree round, emotions run high when the three remaining chefs cook up a labor-intensive protein. The two finalists somehow create a sweet dessert concoction for using pork, and one chef advances.

  • All-Stars Tournament: Grand Finale!
    The four finalists, each representing a charity, duke it out with hopes of winning the ultimate Chopped All-Stars title. The chefs face an awfully-challenging first round when they find offal and a crunchy snack in the appetizer basket. Then, a wild combination of trail mix and goat legs in the entree round makes an intense battle even more difficult. When the two remaining chefs find a tangy fruit and canned legumes in their mystery baskets, one whips up a championship-caliber dessert and walks away with the $50,000 charitable prize.
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