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Extreme Cuisine EpisodesSeason 2    

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  • New Zealand
    In a country known for adventure, Jeff Corwin needs serious skills to discover the culinary experience of New Zealand. Jeff repels deep into the Waitomo Caves into mysterious underground rivers for green-finned eels and then free dives for monster spiny lobster and prized black abalone in the coastal town of Kaikoura. In a world with two distinct cultures, Jeff connects with traditional Maori tribes of the North Island for crayfish hunting and a Hangi feast cooked in boiling sulfur springs. Then he visits the South Island for sheep herding and a colonial goose ??? a deceptive mutton dish shaped like a goose created by the British colonists.

  • Hawaii
    Jeff Corwin leaves the leis behind as he explores the unique cultural cuisine of Hawaii. He makes his way into the jungle to hunt for freshwater prawns in rushing waterfalls with a three-pronged spear and his wits. On the Western coast of the Big Island, he free climbs towering coconut trees and spear dives for parrot fish in the clear tropical waters. Jeff then hikes into the stunning Waipio Valley for a traditional poi pounding and a sacred pig roast around volcanic hot rock to wrap up his island adventure.

  • United Kingdom
    Jeff Corwin travels across the pond to sample some of the United Kingdom's unique regional cuisine. He collects eel and mullet using a unique sled-like fishing device to make a traditional jellied eel dish. Jeff then heads to Borough Market with a longtime friend where they learn the secret to herring-studded stargazy pie. He high-tails it to Scotland where he makes smoked haddock in a whiskey barrel and scours the coastline for limpets, stubborn saltwater snails nearly impossible to pry off the rocks. To celebrate the end of his trip, Jeff enjoys a traditional Burns Supper complete with haggis: the sausage-like national dish of Scotland filled with sheep parts and cooked in an intestine casing.

  • Louisiana
    Jeff Corwin uncovers tantalizing foods on his culinary quest through the Louisiana bayou, starting his journey by scouring the banks of Lake DesAlmond in search of busters, the holy grail of blue crabs. He learns local cooking methods as he prepares a spicy wild boar in a special Cajun microwave and deep fries savory gar balls made from a prehistoric looking fish. He hops on a boat with a sustainable shrimper in Terrebonne Bay to harvest shrimp they fry and eat whole on the water. Then, Jeff canoes down the Pearl River in search of wild rice to use in a goose gumbo. He gets down with the locals at a ragin' house party with moonshine and a crawfish boil with piles of spicy seafood.

  • Spain
    Jeff Corwin explores the cultural regions of Spain in search of their culinary specialties. On the rough coast of Galicia, known as the Coast of Death, he dives headfirst into a job that claims the lives of several fishermen a year in search of prized gooseneck barnacles that thrive in the rough seas. Jeff hunts down the flavorful and savored ham of acorn-eating Iberico pigs in La Alberca as he travels inland and participates in an annual harvest ritual celebrating a species of wild green onion in Valls. To wrap up his tasty adventure, he visits a bustling Barcelona market in search of pig parts to make a classic Catalan escudella, and he tries out his cooking skills as he prepares bacalao a pil pil, a difficult cod dish, for a men's club in San Sebastian.

  • Italy
    In a country famous for its refined cuisine, Jeff Corwin travels off the beaten path to discover the gastronomic delights of central Italy. On the scenic, wide-open range of Tuscany, Jeff saddles up with Italy's cowboys to help with the huge-horned cattle and share a working meal. He heads to the coast to catch cuttlefish for an inky pasta dish and then hunts down elusive black truffles in San Miniato with the help of trained dogs. Off the picturesque coast of Le Marche, Jeff dives for wild mussels with no machinery or oxygen tanks for a traditional fisherman barbecue on the beach. He rounds out his exploration in the hill town of Castel del Monte with a taste of tangy maggot cheese.
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