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Food Revolution EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Episode 101
    Jamie Oliver heads to Huntington, West Virginia - which has been called the unhealthiest city in America -- to start his new cooking initiative. He hopes to start a chain reaction of positive change across the country. Jamie says that nearly half of the adults in Huntington are considered obese, and incidents of heart disease and diabetes lead the nation. This nation's children are the first generation expected to live a shorter life than their parents do. Jamie initially meets naysayers and resistance. Battling ingrained unhealthy habits, bureaucracy, limited financial resources, and apathy, his early efforts are threatened when a news article overseas misquotes him badmouthing the local populace and their diet. Bloodied but unbowed, Jamie is more determined than ever to transform one community as a template for the entire country. The stakes? Simply the health of our country's citizens and the legacy for its children.

  • Episode 102
    Jamie Oliver takes one step forward and two steps back as his efforts to transform the school lunch program of Huntington, West Virginia's Central City Elementary School are met with harsh criticism and resistance from the school cook, Alice Gue, plus city administrators, DJ Rod and even the school's first graders. But despite the opposition, he does successfully raise the ire of school parents with a shocking, no-nonsense display of the fat that's being fed to their children, and he's encouraged by the initiative of a few caring teachers. The Edwards family get a wake-up call when youngest son, Justin, gets a frank warning from a doctor about the long term health effects of his poor eating habits, but then Justin is encouraged by a one-on-one cooking lesson in Jamie's kitchen. After a week of ups and downs at Central City Elementary, the fate of Jamie's mission to stay on at the school lies in the hands of a few district administrators.

  • Episode 103
    Jamie continues on his vital mission to convince the people of Huntington to change their eating habits and get fresh food into the schools. Despite continued opposition from naysayers D.J. Rod and Central Elementary's head cook, Alice Gue, Director of Food Services Rhonda McCoy makes a leap of faith by giving Jamie the green light to cook for Huntington High School. Once there, he finds his secret weapon in a group of motivated teenagers who understand the need for change: Brittany, whose lifelong weight problem has caused irreversible liver damage and shortened her life expectancy; Marisa, whose father died prematurely as a result of obesity; Ryan, a troubled teen who wants to get his life back in order by learning a new skill; Robert, a football player who struggles with his weight; Brian, whose family is plagued by obesity; and Emily, whose dream is to attend culinary school. Jamie takes a huge risk by asking the kids to secretly prepare a gourmet meal for the state senator, local legislators and community leaders in order to raise necessary funds to train the school staff to cook fresh food. Will the teens' passionate appeals inspire change in Huntington?

  • Episode 104
    Jamie realizes the importance of moving beyond the schools in order to get the community of Huntington, West Virginia to rise up and start a major food revolution. In an effort to reach more people, he makes a gentlemen's bet with DJ Rod that he can teach 1,000 people to cook in one week. Jamie brings in the students of Marshall University to form a flash mob to shock the community into helping him win his bet. While he manages to wrangle hundreds of people, from steel workers to firemen, parents to government officials, to join his massive cook-a-thon, it takes hard discussions about real life and death to reach his biggest skeptics. Will DJ Rod come onboard to help Jamie make a real impact on the people of Huntington?

  • Episode 105
    Jamie places the burden of change squarely on the shoulders of Huntington High School students by asking them to choose between a lunch menu of processed junk food or fresh fare. He is shocked by their response. His faith is shaken when he is forced to rely on the testimony of his biggest adversary, Central Elementary's head cook, Alice Gue, to help convince Cabell County Hospital administrators to fund training for school cooks and provide sustainable resources to roll out the food revolution in Huntington.

  • Episode 106
    Jamie's revolutionary efforts have borne fruit, but now what? In the final episode of "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution," everything Jamie has accomplished unravels when he leaves Huntington. Rhonda is planning to reintroduce processed food into the schools to get rid of the mountain of surplus processed food she ordered, the kids' parents are pulling their children from Jamie's lunch program and a majority of the school cooks across the city remain untrained and unwilling to learn. With the media hounding him at every step and a city that's revolting against his message, Jamie returns to pull off his greatest, most powerful demonstration yet, including a surprise free performance by Rascal Flatts. But is he too late?
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