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Food Truck Race EpisodesSeason 2    

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  • What Happens In Vegas
    Tyler Florence greets the eight teams at the Malibu Pier and sends them on their first Truck Stop Challenge: to create a dish with one lobster and all the farmer's table ingredients they can hold. After award-winning chef and food truck operator Susan Feniger chooses the winner, the trucks head to Las Vegas and are confronted with their first Speed Bump - Tyler spins a large wheel containing numerous food truck problems and lands on ???out of propane,' so the teams must proceed without use of this necessary fuel.

  • A Pinch Of Salt Lake City
    Seven remaining teams roll into Salt Lake City, and Tyler immediately explains the Truck Stop Challenge: the teams must create an original sausage dish with the ingredients available, but the sausage is missing. The trucks head to world renowned Creminelli Fine Meats and create three customized links of sausage in hopes to impress guest judge chef Ryan Lowder and add cash towards their final tally. The Speed Bump adds another game-changing twist as Tyler orders the teams to move the trucks to a new location, no matter how many customers are still waiting.

  • Rocky Mountain Highs And Lows
    Tyler and Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts meet the six remaining trucks at a ranch outside of Denver. The stakes of the Truck Stop Challenge are high as the winning truck scores a story on the Denver affiliate morning show. The teams then must harvest morel mushrooms and create an original dish to impress Truck Stop Challenge judge, chef Frank Bonnano. NFL Hall of Fame quarterback John Elway calls the teams from his Denver restaurant with the Speed Bump: each team must choose one teammate to run the entire truck on his or her own, while the other two have to watch from the sidelines.

  • Big Bites, Little Apple
    The five remaining teams roll into Manhattan, Kan., and hope to impress guest judge Charles Fezzura. After a variety of challenges, the team who earns the least must head home.

  • Hog Wild In Memphis
    The final four trucks land in Memphis, Tenn., and stakes are high as the dishes they create are judged by Jim Neely, the godfather of Memphis barbeque.

  • Midnight Truck To Georgia
    The three remaining teams roll into Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta in hopes to impress Chef Kevin Rathbun for a guaranteed spot in the finals.

  • Miami Heat Finale
    The final two teams arrive in Miami and receive their challenges before racing to the finish line in South Beach for the $100,000 grand prize.
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