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Food Truck Race EpisodesSeason 3    

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  • 3,559 Miles To A Dream
    Eight teams of aspiring Food Truck owners arrive in Long Beach, Calif., to kick off this season's Great Food Truck Race: Lighthouse to Lighthouse. Host Tyler Florence welcomes the teams and presents them with the food trucks of their dreams and matching cars. The teams are then sent directly to the toughest, most cutthroat place in the food truck universe: the place where it all started, Los Angeles. These rookies learn quickly that running a food truck is much harder than it looks, and the seven surviving teams realize that they are in for the ride of their lives.

  • Attitude At High Altitude
    The seven remaining teams roll into Flagstaff, Ariz., determined to get the hang of the food truck game. Just when things start to settle down, Tyler springs a Truck Stop cooking challenge on them: Create a dish featuring the local delicacy prickly pear cactus. Celebrity Chef Beau MacMillan judges the dishes and delivers a game-changing prize - but Tyler is not done. On Sunday, he tells the teams to go vegan, and the teams scramble again to stay above water.

  • Even Food Trucks Are Bigger In Texas
    Ballpark-inspired fare is made when the teams visit the Amarillo National Bank Sox Stadium, home of the Amarillo Sox, a minor-league baseball team.

  • Baby Got Razorback
    The five remaining teams head to the college town of Fayetteville, Ark., and are tasked with using Pop-Tarts to create breakfast dishes for hungry college students. Acclaimed teen chef Jeremy Salamon is a guest judge.

  • Music City Madness
    The four remaining teams arrive in Nashville and prepare a picnic for the country-music duo Joey + Rory. Later, two members of each team must sit out of a challenge while their other teammates train culinary students to do their jobs.

  • Mistake By The Lake?
    The teams create gourmet dishes using tomatoes. Outback Steakhouse cofounder Tim Gannon serves as a guest judge. Later, the food trucks are taken in to be serviced, and the teams must sell their dishes from golf carts.

  • Where In The World Is Lubec?
    The final two teams race to Boston in the Season 3 finale. Once they arrive, they are tasked with adding an authentic New England lobster dish to their menu. Two lobstermen rate the dishes and award the winner a head start to Maine, where they'll sell head-to-head one last time before host Tyler Florence counts their money and reveals the winners.
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