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Food Truck Race EpisodesSeason 5    

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  • Venice Beach Brawl
    Host Tyler Florence welcomes eight new teams of aspiring food truck owners to Santa Barbara, Calif., where they must first define their brands and create a signature dish for an afternoon of sales. Then, Tyler sends them to Venice, Calif., where the owners of L.A.'s top food truck will taste each team's signature dish. The seven surviving teams realize they're in the ride for their lives as they continue to battle it out for the grand prize of $50,000 and their very own food truck!

  • Hot Doggin' It In Tucson
    Tyler greets the teams in Tucson, Ariz., where they must come up with a creative marketing campaign. Later, they must put their twists on a local hot dog favorite, with the top sellers winning bonus cash. The next day, the teams must create and perform a catchy jingle at the Tucson Folk Music Festival.

  • Dinner Dates, Austin-Style
    Tyler tests each team on their partnership skills in Austin, Texas. The teams are first paired up to sell together all weekend long, and are then sent for a event, feeding the hungriest singles in Austin. The next day, the teams must switch trucks and sell their partners' food. Then, the elimination comes down to a six dollar deficit.

  • High Steaks In OKC
    Time-management skills are tested when the teams arrive in Oklahoma City, where they are forced to embrace local favorites. Included: Steak dishes are mandatory on Day 1; and prime meat is grounded by hand to make fried-onion burgers on Day 2.

  • Beat Me In St. Louis
    The final four teams arrive in St. Louis and are greeted with a challenge involving a premium food product. The next day, they are given the chance to double their week's till.

  • Shrimpin' Ain't Easy
    Three teams remain when the competition arrives in Mobile, Ala., where host Tyler Florence challenges them to cook locally. Also: He wants everyone to add a brunch dish to their menus.

  • Finale At Mile 0: Winning Keys In Key West
    The Season 5 finale brings the remaining two teams to Florida, where they have to demonstrate what they have learned throughout the race as they vie to make the most money and win the top prize.
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