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Food Truck Race EpisodesSeason 6    

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  • Route 66: All-American Road Trip
    Seven teams of food truck owners begin Season 6 peddling their signature dishes on the Santa Monica Pier in California. Next, they travel down historic Route 66, stopping in Lake Havasu City, Ariz., where they compete to be the first to sell 20 orders of their specialty fish and chips.

  • Off-Road Eats In Arizona
    The teams travel to Arizona, where they learn the local delicacies of rattlesnake and rabbit sausage must be incorporated into their dishes, which they must sell from pink Jeeps.

  • Spicy Showdown In Santa Fe
    The five teams arrive in Santa Fe, N.M., where they are faced with hot weather and hot flavors when Tyler challenges them to use peppers to create a dish that's representative of the city. Later, they are given only one hour to shop for an entire weekend of selling.

  • High Steaks In Texas
    The final four race to Texas, where steak determines how much seed money each team receives. Later, a Speed Bump is encountered; and an elimination occurs during a visit to the Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo.

  • Roadside Attractions
    Three teams arrive in Tulsa and are shocked when Tyler takes away their phones and Internet, which forces them to rely on landlines and maps to navigate around the city. The next day, they compete for customers at one of the last drive-ins on Route 66.

  • Showdown In Chi-Town
    Season 6 comes to a finish with the final two teams arriving in St. Louis, where Tyler challenges them to create three dishes with three different proteins in 30 minutes. Then, it's off to Chicago (well, after a quick detour) as they race to sell three different ethnic dishes in three different neighborhoods in hopes of winning $50,000.
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