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Food Wars EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Chicago: Italian Beef
    Camille journeys to Chicago to settle a battle between legendary Italian Beef Sandwich dynasties Al's Beef and Mr. Beef. In a blind taste test, panelists will try both sandwiches and declare a winner. It's time to end this food war once and for all.

  • Buffalo: Chicken Wings
    Camille travels to Buffalo to settle the food war between Anchor Bar and Duff's - each claims to have the best chicken wings in town. The iconic dish was invented at Anchor Bar, but does Duff's have what it takes to knock the original off its pedestal?

  • Pittsburgh, KS: Fried Chicken
    Camille Ford visits "Chicken Dinner Road" in Pittsburgh, Kansas, a place made famous for its warring fried chicken joints - Chicken Annie's and Chicken Mary's.

  • Texas: BBQ
    Camille's food warring conquest brings her to Lockhart, Texas as she seeks to square off on a lengthy barbecue and family debate between Kreuz Market and Smitty's Market.

  • Minneapolis: Juicy Lucy
    Food Wars makes its way to Minneapolis, MN, home of the infamous "Ju(i)cy Lucy" (a burger where the cheese is cooked between two patties instead of on top). Matt's Bar and 5-8 Club put five decades of bickering to the ultimate taste-off.

  • Tucson: Sonoran Hot Dogs
    Camille visits Tucson, AZ to settle the battle between BK's Carne Asada & Hot Dogs and El Guero Canelo over who is serving up Tucson's best Sonoran Dog.

  • Washington, DC: Jumbo Pizza
    The District of Columbia is known for politics and historical landmarks, but a jumbo-sized pizza craze has hit DC and two warring brothers are behind it all. Only one brother can win this food war. Which is it going to be, Pizza Mart or Jumbo Slice?

  • New York: Pastrami
    Camille visits New York City's iconic Jewish delis, Katz's Deli and Second Avenue Deli, to settle a pastrami food war. Meet the people behind this New York City staple to see why these delis have been luring generations of pastrami lovers for over 6 decades.

  • Los Angeles: Food Trucks
    Camille pays a visit to two of Los Angeles's most popular gourmet burger trucks, Grill 'Em All and Baby's Badass Burgers, where she will settle this Food War on wheels once and for all.

  • Detroit: Hot Dogs
    There is a century long battle between Detroit's American Coney Island and its next door neighbor, Lafayette Coney Island. Both restaurants share a wall and a claim to delivering the best of Detroit's iconic Coney Island Dog.

  • Pueblo: The Slopper
    Camille visits Pueblo, Colorado = home of The Slopper, a cheeseburger smothered with so much spicy green chili, it's served in a bowl. For decades, two Pueblo restaurants have been fighting over who dishes out the best Slopper.

  • Kansas City: BBQ Ribs
    Food Wars takes on a 50 year plus long BBQ Battle between two Kansas City institutions: Arthur Bryant's BBQ and Gates Bar-B-Q.

  • New Orleans: Po'boy
    Food Wars continues its journey throughout the country to settle the most heated restaurant rivalries, and next up is the legendary New Orleans sandwich- The Po' Boy. This iconic sandwich was invented in the 1920's to help feed striking streetcar workers in New Orleans.

  • Philly: Cheesesteaks
    Camille travels to Philadelphia to settle the score between the originator, Pat's King of Steaks, and the innovator, Tony Luke's, over who serves the city's greatest cheese steak.

  • Chicago: Pizza
    Camille is in Chicago, Illinois, to help end a deep-dish food war between Pizzeria Uno - where the deep-dish pizza was invented - and Lou Malnati's, the famed Chicago eatery opened by a former Uno employee.

  • New Jersey: Italian Hot Dogs
    Camille heads to Newark, New Jersey, to settle a score between Jimmy Buff's and Charlie's Famous Italian Hot Dogs, over who makes the best Italian-style hot dog.

  • Milwaukee: Cheeseburgers
    Camille continues her search for the country's best food rivalries with a stop in Milwaukee to settle a score between AJ Bombers and Sobelman's Pub & Grill over who makes the best cheeseburger in town.
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