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Giada At Home EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Rock The Block
    Giada decides to take charge of her neighborhood block party and make it extra special. Her menu foregoes the typical outdoor party food with chic and out of the ordinary dishes.

  • Tricks Or Treats
    Giada's girlfriends stop by with their kids to sample her homemade goodies before heading out into the neighborhood to trick or treat. Giada surprises them with a professional face painter who transforms their faces for the big night.

  • Remembering Rome
    It is a trip down memory lane. Giada is inspired to create a nostalgic Italian meal after looking through old photos of her childhood in Rome. Family members visit Giada in the kitchen as she cooks a menu that highlights some of her favorite Italian food memories.

  • Party Food
    Giada prepares easy, creative, foods for entertaining at home.

  • Garden Party
    Giada hosts a beautiful garden party to celebrate Earth Day. Giada's menu incorporates ingredients from her garden and local Santa Monica Farmers Market.

  • A Family Thanksgiving
    It's Thanksgiving, LA style. Giada serves up a Thanksgiving meal with a few twists. It's so very untraditional for such a traditional girl, but in a good and unexpected way.

  • California BBQ
    Giada prepares a fun and festive menu for an outdoor California Style BBQ. The menu incorporates Todd's favorite foods. It's All-American, think Burgers, Rings and Shakes with a twist!

  • Art House
    Giada transforms part of her home into a gallery for one night to host an art show and display the work of one of her artist friends, Darren Quinn. Giada's party menu will be as colorful as the paintings, but also easy to eat since guests will be mingling and viewing art.

  • Lobster Bake
    Giada prepares food for a traditional lobster bake with friends. The group will gather at the beach to build a 3-4 foot hole in the sand that will be used as the "oven" to cook the lobsters Giada buys at Santa Monica Seafood.

  • Secret Santa
    Giada celebrates the Christmas season by hosting a holiday get-together with friends. Theme this year is a Secret Santa Gift Exchange and each guest has picked a name prior to the festivities.

  • Breakfast For Dinner
    In Italy, "eggs for dinner" is very common so Giada prepares a delicious menu that is perfect for a relaxed and casual night with lots of candlelight and comfy attire. With a trip to LA Mill Coffee for espresso beans.

  • Recipe Sharing
    Giada invites her Aunt Raffy into the kitchen for a recipe swap. Everyone has a recipe that is a favorite and has been passed down through generations.

  • A Day Of Indulgence
    Giada prepares a menu for a relaxing Spa Day at home with her friends. In this "Zen Den," Giada's menu incorporates indulgent foods with a healthier touch that can easily be recreated in any kitchen.

  • California Light And Healthy
    Giada is inspired to create a meal full of citrus flavors. Giada also makes an impromptu visit to a lemonade stand set up by some neighborhood kids. In the kitchen, she creates a meal that is incredibly fresh, citrus-esque and very California.

  • Moroccan Magic
    There's nothing quite like a poolside cocktail party with live music and amazing food. Giada takes the "exotic" up a notch by making this summer fancy a Moroccan- themed gathering, timed perfectly for sunset.

  • Polo Brunch
    Giada prepares brunch for a day at a polo match at Will Rogers State Park. Giada's brunch menu is practical for any outdoor spectator event - portable, colorful and flavorful, but still on the healthy side.

  • California Sushi
    Giada and a friend go to Hamasaku for lunch, where they design their own rolls and as a result, Giada is inspired to throw a sushi making party at home.

  • Table For Two
    Giada and her husband Todd hire a babysitter and plan a very memorable date night at home. Giada plans the menu and makes the food, while Todd takes care of every other detail.

  • We'll Always Have Paris
    Giada creates a backyard dinner inspired by recent vacation to Paris. Giada plans an evening that reflects the flavors, adventures and activities of the trip - it's an opportunity to bring the travel experience back home.

  • Food And Fashion
    Giada combines her love of fashion and food by hosting a trunk show that highlights the work of three of her favorite designer friends. Since the clothing is a mix, the menu also includes an eclectic blend of flavors. Plus, the food that Giada makes is really easy to eat while walking around the house and mingling with guests... it's also stylish, creative, and artfully presented.

  • Bridal Shower
    Giada prepares food for a bridal shower she is co-hosting for a close friend. The idea is that the event be relaxed with some unique surprises.

  • Happy Trails
    Giada and Todd set out together for a day outdoors, on a day-hike. Giada goes to Adventure 16 to gear up, and then prepares the food that she'll pack for their hike.

  • Picnic In The Park
    Giada prepares a picnic menu that is both portable and delicious for an outdoor concert, offering a fun and unexpected twist on the typical picnic fare.

  • Spring Fling
    Giada makes fun, light, happy food that celebrates the arrival of spring.

  • Lazy Day Lunch
    Giada shares some recipes to enjoy rain or shine.

  • Cocktails With Couples
    It's a casual cocktail party at sunset on the patio. Giada invites friends over for a few light appetizers and a cocktail.

  • Small Bites
    Giada prepares smaller versions of some of her favorite dishes.

  • Pasta Party
    A pasta buffet baked pasta, stuffed pasta, pasta salad. Different shapes, cuts, colors and flavors.

  • Mother's Day Brunch
    It's Mother's Day weekend and Giada invites a couple of her friends over, along with their kids, for a brunch honoring the Moms.

  • Food And Fun
    Friends, family and their kids come over for an evening of fun. Giada has hired a babysitter and has put the kids outside where she's set up beanbags, snacks, games etc. The grown-ups are inside playing grown-up games. The idea is that the menu is versatile it's suitable for both adults and kids you don't ALWAYS have to make a separate menu for the kids.

  • Many Thanks
    Giada prepares a luncheon to thank all the key people on her team, including her lawyer, publicist, assistant, recipe tester, book editor, and television crew.

  • Last Minute Menu
    Todd and Giada have invited a few friends over last minute, so Giada whips up something that's really easy but looks like she slaved all day.

  • Around The World
    Giada prepares a cohesive menu based on her love of world cuisine. Giada s menu represents Trinidad, India and an Italian fusion creation.

  • Father's Day Party
    A Father's Day menu, featuring paninis with mozzarella, raspberries and brown sugar; egg salad with Gorgonzola and pancetta; and sweet-apple iced tea.

  • Record Release
    Giada has a celebration for her friends who are releasing an album.

  • More Cheese Please
    Giada makes three recipes that use cheese as the main ingredient.

  • Beach Volleyball
    Giada makes a portable menu for her family's annual volleyball tournament.

  • Road Trip Picnic
    Giada packs the perfect picnic for a trip on the road. She give tips how to make the meal easy to eat in the car or at a picnic spot.

  • Surf's Up
    Todd and his buddies are out at sea (kite surfing) and hungry for some good surf and turf, so Giada prepares fabulous surf-n-turf for the famished seamen.

  • Welcome Home
    Carolyna is home from college and Giada is making her a good to be home meal.

  • Busy Day Menu
    We follow Giada from breakfast to dinner and capture everything in between. She shows us that there is always time to cook a delicious meal. Giada also buys one of her favorite desserts at Vanilla Bake Shop.

  • Sweet Treats
    Dessert, dessert and more dessert one dish can be packaged up to take to a friend. Another is a creation based on Todd s favorite sweet treat that he will indulge on throughout the week.

  • Dig In For A Cause
    Giada's charity is OXFAM - an organization that fights world hunger. Giada and her friends do volunteer work at a community garden on behalf of the charity. Giada also packs a tasty picnic to enjoy after their efforts.

  • Special Delivery
    Giada's friend has just had a baby so she puts together a best wishes basket for the new mom with dishes that may be re-heated.

  • Makeover
    Giada creates a family style meal for a makeover party to be enjoyed by her girlfriends. She's invited over her makeup artist to give fun makeup tips and suggestions to her guests after a few tasty dishes.

  • More For Less
    Giada shows people how to make the most of their money when it comes to using ingredients you may already have in the fridge or in the pantry.
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