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Giada At Home EpisodesSeason 2    

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  • Bowling Night
    Giada and friends go to Lucky Strike for a night of fun and bowling. Giada prepares dinner at the house first, then the group enjoys dessert at the bowling alley.

  • Sugar Rush
    It's Halloween, so 'tis the season for a major sugar fix. Giada prepares decadent dessert with the kids in mind. She spins the chocolate turtle to perfection, turns truffles into lollipops and creates the ultimate marshmallows for trick or treaters to enjoy in a little sugar rush before heading out into the neighborhood for an evening of Halloween fun.

  • Todd's Midwestern Favorites
    Giada makes a special meal for Todd, Trevor, Tommy and Kelly that reflects some of Todd and Trevor's favorite childhood dishes. Giada gives the Midwestern classics her own special Italian/California twist.

  • Giada's Kidz Kitchen
    Giada spends an afternoon teaching kids how to cook a simple meal at a local cooking school.

  • Thanksgiving
    Giada makes Thanksgiving dinner for the family, but this time, she forgoes the turkey! Giada prepares amazing Pork Chops, a full-of-Fall-flavor Butternut Squash Soup and a Chestnut, Chocolate, and Orange Flavored Dessert. While Giada's busy in the kitchen, the family continues its annual Thanksgiving bocce ball rivalry.

  • Housewarming
    Giada has a friend who just redesigned their kitchen. The friend is having a potluck party to unveil the kitchen to friends. Giada shares her favorite potluck recipes to take to the party.

  • Body And Soul
    Giada invites her yoga instructor, and some other friends, over to the house for a day of rejuvenation. Giada's instructor leads a poolside yoga class, showing guests some simple poses that they can do anytime... anywhere... to relieve stress and tension. Giada prepares a healthy menu to be enjoyed after the class.

  • Christmas
    It's a California Christmas. Giada and family celebrate!

  • Light And Delicious
    Giada prepares a menu that will help viewers stick to their New Year's Resolution to follow a healthy diet.

  • Smoke In The House
    It's the annual Firefighter's Pancake Breakfast and, this year, the local department is asking for Giada's help. Instead of serving the usual boring pancakes, scrambled eggs and greasy bacon, firefighters want to impress neighbors with an upgraded menu. So, Giada helps them create the best pancake breakfast of all time. Then, Giada, Todd and Jade join their fellow neighbors to enjoy the community feast.

  • Jade's First Birthday
    It's Jade's first birthday, so Giada is hosting a kids' party in her backyard. The party has a fun animal theme complete with games and costumes.

  • Football Weekend
    Giada and Todd invites some friends over to watch the big football game. Instead of the usual chips and dip, Giada takes traditional "game food" and gives it the gourmet treatment. The food is filling, but doesn't skimp on creativity and taste with a deep fried treat, twice baked potatoes and fudge with a cinnamon touch.

  • Giada's Sunset Brunch
    Giada and Todd host a backyard party that's timed for sunset. The party is all about hanging out and being comfortable. Friends wear sweats or lounge wear and the food is gourmet comfort food. The setting is very "white world" with big poofs and mattresses in the backyard...very relaxed.

  • Northern Italian
    Giada hosts a dinner party at her house with a menu that focuses on Northern Italian cuisine. The dinner includes a sampling of full-bodied red wines from the northern region of Italy.

  • Comfort Food
    Giada shares some of her favorite comfort food recipes. These recipes are made for making you feel better.

  • Play Date
    Eloisa comes over to the house to hang with Giada, while the kids, Julian and Jade, enjoy a play date.

  • Basic Italian
    Giada prepares an Italian themed meal for her friends Sandra and Diana, who are taking Italian language classes.

  • Aloha L.A.
    Giada creates a tiki-style party (Hawaiian music etc.) in her own backyard. The menu has an island flair.

  • When Life Gives You Lemons
    Giada loves lemons. In fact, a few months ago she hosted a lunch at her house and one of her guests, Julie, brought Giada a lemon tree as a gift. Well...Giada planted that tree in her backyard. It's grown considerably since then and now bares big, healthy, beautiful lemons. So...Giada decides to use the lemons from her tree to create a lemon themed meal.

  • Picnic At The Getty
    Giada, daughter Jade and a friend visit the marvellous Getty Museum in Los Angeles and have a homemade picnic in the garden of the museum thereafter.

  • Pizza Party
    Giada arranges a pizza party for friends at home. Not only she makes her own dough and uses it for three different recipes, she also let her friends to make their own pizzas and puts them in custom to go boxes, which they will enjoy later.

  • Lunch With Raffy
    Giada and her cooking soul mate Aunty Raffy have fun in the kitchen preparing an easy but tasty lunch.

  • Todd Loves Thai
    Giada's husband Todd is always cheered up with Thai food. So Giada decides to put up Thai inspired recipes.

  • Walk For Life
    Giada and her girlfriends will take part in a charity walk for the benefit of cancer research. A nutritious meal to be taken to the walk is naturally prepared by Giada.

  • Tex Mex BBQ
    Giada's friends bring Jade a pinata from a vacation trip from Mexico, which brings her the idea to throw a BBQ party a la Mexican style. Fajitas, a black bean, tomato and corn salad and yummy churros are on the menu.

  • Giada's Restaurant Favorites
    Today Giada gives us recipes from New Mexico, Jackson Hole and a favorite restaurant in Los Angeles.

  • Let Them Eat Cake
    Giada prepares another backyard party. Friends and their kids participate in a cake decorating contest.

  • Paint And Party
    Giada's invitation of guests is this time not only culinary. The guests get a black canvas and painting materiel. An artist friend gives tips on painting.

  • De Laurentiis Family Dinner
    Giada's family gathers for a family feast. But this time she prepares a Chinese menu.

  • Totally Fried
    Giada de Laurentiis shows easy frying techniques and prepares four different fried dishes including a desert.

  • Grill It Your Way
    Giada visits LA's Original Farmer's Market and buys meat and fish, along with seasonal veggies. Back in her kitchen she prepares marinades and sauces for a BBQ party with friends.

  • Elegant And Easy
    Giada prepares a seasonal lunch with ingredients from her own herb garden and gathered at the local farmer's market.

  • All Dressed Up
    Giada prepares a sophisticated gourmet menu for an elegant dinner with friends.

  • Cooking School Made Easy
    Giada had studied in the worldfamous school for chefs, Cordon Bleu Paris. From there she brings three simplified French dessert recipes, which are prepared only by hand using no tools.

  • Progressive Dinner Party
    Giada's old fashioned progressive dinner party starts in one neighboor's home with drinks and appetizers. Then the main course is served in Giada's home. For the dessert everybody moves on to the street.

  • Cucina Capri
    The kitchen of Capri fresh fish, tomatoes, garlic, basil, capers and olive oil. The food from the famous island is one of Giada's favorites.

  • College Rivalry
    Giada's aunt Dina is a student at USC, Giada herself has studied at UCLA. Giada invites Dina and some friends to watch the football game between the two rivaling universities.

  • Lunch With The Girls
    Giada invites girlfriends to a perfect lunch.
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