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Giada At Home EpisodesSeason 3    

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  • Childhood Favorites
    Giada invites her siblings Eloisa and Igor and presents them three recipes, which they loved, when they were kids.

  • Flavors Of Fall
    Giada celebrates Thanksgiving with husband Todd and daughter Jade.

  • LA Nights
    Giada invites friends to a poolside cocktail party. While a DJ is taking care of music she prepares sophisticated appetizers and fun cocktails.

  • Giada's Family Christmas
    To spend Christmas, Giada and family visit Aunt Raffy's house in Aspen. Giada is responsible for preparing the menu for the weekend. Her amazing food includes traditional Italian struffoli, delicious straccoto (Italian pot roast), a special holiday french toast, and more!

  • Giada On Ice
    Giada and family meet their friend Brian Boitano at an outdoor rink in downtown LA for an afternoon of skating in the sun. Husband Todd and daughter Jade enjoy Giada's portable picnic lunch after a day on ice.

  • One Pot Meals
    Giada de Laurentiis has four delicious recipes. A soup, an appetizer a main course and a dessert are the four elements of the christmas menu.

  • Sunday Brunch
    Giada, Todd and Trevor spend the first Sunday morning of the new year paddle surfing in the Pacific, to have a casual brunch with elegant touches at home thereafter.

  • Light And Fabulous
    A healthy menu light on fat ingredients and fabulous on flavor is the great start to a new year.

  • More For Your Money
    Giada de Laurentiis creates a fabulous menu, while keeping the money in your pocket.

  • Jade's Music Class
    Giada prepares a delicious lunch at home for Jade's friends and their parents to be tasted after her music class.

  • Big Game
    Giada and Todd have invited friends to watch a biig game. Giada has prepared a playful menu in the backyard.

  • Valentine's Day
    Giada prepares special sweet treats for Valentine's Day, which are delivered by her daughter Jade to her in-laws.

  • Cooking With Raffy
    Giada and Raffy exchange their favorite recipes, to enjoy them afterwards.

  • Total Comfort
    Giada and daughter Jade have a causal dinner in their kitchen and enjoy their favorite causal food.

  • Taste Of Peru
    Inspired by her visit to Peru with Oxfam, Giada prepares an authentic Peruvian meal and has her friends over to enjoy the food in her backyard.

  • Bake Sale
    Giada creates some out-of-this-world baked goodies for her nephew and sister to take to the school bake sale.

  • Golden Hour Beach Picnic
    Giada creates a fun menu to serve to Todd and Jade on the beach just before sunset.

  • Spring Has Sprung
    Giada De Laurentiis celebrates Easter at home with her family. It's an intimate early afternoon celebration in the backyard. Giada gives Easter lamb a twist with a quinoa crust accompanied by orzo with a smokey vinaigrette and stacked eggplant and asparagus napoleons.

  • If I Could Have Lunch With Anyone
    Giada invites someone she admires over for a casual lunch. Apollonia Poilane, the owner of Poilane bakery in Paris stops by to enjoy a French inspired menu.

  • Celebrating Mom
    Giada De Laurentiis invites her mother Veronica and sister Eloisa over for intimate Mother's Day outdoor luncheon. On the menu: Crispy Chicken with Rosemary-Lemon Salt, Sun-dried Tomato, Olive and Lemon Pasta and for dessert, Espresso and Chocolate Jellies.
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