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Hell's Kitchen EpisodesSeason 15    

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  • 18 Chefs Compete
    Chef Gordon Ramsay welcomes the newest bunch of contestants into the kitchen. The steaks are high when the contestants travel to Las Vegas and see the kitchen where this season's winner will work as a Head Chef: BLT Steak at Bally's Las Vegas. And, for the first time in HELL'S KITCHEN history, they will compete in that kitchen for the signature dish team challenge. The winning team will earn a ride on the High Roller - the world's tallest Ferris wheel - and get VIP service at Drai's Nightclub, while the losing team prepares a Vegas buffet service, which includes peeling 50 lbs. of shrimp and 1,000 lbs. of potatoes. Later, during their first dinner service, one of the teams will fail early on in the service, prompting Chef Ramsay to kick them out of the kitchen.

  • 17 Chefs Compete
    Chef Gordon Ramsay puts both teams to the test when they are challenged to produce more shrimp dumplings than their opposing team in just 20 minutes. To make the challenge more difficult, Chef Ramsay sends out multiple rounds of distractions, testing the team's attention to detail and concentration. Later, the teams face a tough dinner service when Grammy Award-winning rap artist "The Game" shows up unannounced.

  • 16 Chefs Compete
    fter the contestants struggle to work together during opening night in the dining room, Chef Ramsay presents the red and blue teams with a communication challenge. Each contestant will wear a chef jacket with the dish they must complete written on the back of the jacket, while their teammates must read off the instructions to that contestant in order for him/her to properly prepare the dish. The team that correctly completes the most dishes will win a relaxing retreat in Santa Barbara, while the losing team must prepare the kitchen for the next dinner service, which involves gutting 100 lbs. of seabass. Later, during the dinner service, the teams will cook their second dinner service for VIP guests, including astronaut Buzz Aldrin.

  • 15 Chefs Compete
    After an unexpected elimination for the red team, Chef Ramsay starts at the quack of dawn, as he challenges contestants to a rubber duck hunt to determine what ingredients they will use with duck in the next team challenge. With the help of special guest judge Chef Josiah Citron, Chef Ramsay will decide which team had the best duck dishes. The winning team will enjoy a day on a yacht, while the losing team must prepare the duck for the appetizer at the next dinner service. During that service, tempers will flare as the teams cook for the biggest VIP guests yet, manager and producer Kris Jenner and burlesque entertainer Dita Von Teese.

  • 14 Chefs Compete
    After the red team gains a member from the blue team, Chef Ramsay introduces the contestants to a celebratory challenge as he tasks them to work in pairs to create three main dishes each with a different holiday theme: 4th of July, Cinco de Mayo and Mardi Gras. The team that completes the most dishes successfully wins. With the help of special guest Linda Fears, editor-in-chief of Family Circle magazine, Chef Ramsay will choose who will win and be flown to Santa Inez Valley to blend their own wine and who will face a not-so-sweet dinner service preparation. Later during the dinner service, tempers flare during family night in HELL'S KITCHEN, causing not one, but both teams to be kicked out of the kitchen.

  • 12 Chefs Compete
    After the most intense and disappointing dinner service yet, the blue team welcomes a new member and Chef Ramsay invites the contestants to participate in a grocery spelling challenge. Using grocery carts, contestants will have to spell out the words of each ingredient they wish to use during the next team cooking challenge. Then, the team that creates the best dishes from the chosen ingredients will win the challenge and spend the day flying in a stunt plane, while the losing team will stay behind and prepare Sangria for the next dinner service. Later, when VIP guests Thomas Ian Nicholas ("American Pie") and Omar Benson Miller ("CSI: Miami") enter the dining room, teams will fall apart, but individuals will rise to power.

  • 11 Chefs Compete
    Love is in the air when Chef Ramsay invites special guest and former HELL'S KITCHEN sous chef Andi into the kitchen for the next team challenge. Both teams will be tasked with creating six unique dishes for Andi's wedding reception, which will be in place of the next dinner service. The winning team will be flown to Las Vegas for a gravity-defying zip line experience and an evening in a grand suite at the world famous Caesars Palace. Meanwhile, the losing team will have to prepare a mountain of macarons for the wedding reception. Later during the wedding reception dinner service, teams must come together to deliver a dinner service for the newlywed couple's family and friends that Andi and her husband will never forget.

  • 10 Chefs Compete
    Chef Ramsay surprises the contestants with a rockin' performance from Grammy Award-winning guitarist Steve Vai, to illustrate the similarities between musicians and cooks in their ability to make magic with just one instrument. For this week's team challenge, the contestants are tasked with creating five unique dishes, each only containing 7, 6, 5, 4 or 3 ingredients. The winning team is rewarded with a friendly game of paintball, while the losing team must stay behind to participate in a grueling delivery day at HELL'S KITCHEN. Later, actor Jonathon Lougram ("Grown Up") and actress/TV host Garcelle Beauvais will make celebrity guest appearances at the dinner service prepared by the two teams. Tune in to see which contestants give award-winning performances and whose communication skills fall flat.

  • 10 Chefs Again
    After two contestants swap teams, Chef Ramsay startles the cooks by inviting a furry friend to the dining room - Jack, a 12-year-old American bison. The contestants will aim to please as they go head to head in a bison dish challenge, during which their archery skills ultimately determine which country's cuisine their dish will represent. The winning team will roar with an up close and personal trip visiting Hollywood animal actors, in addition to going home with a brand new Vitamix blender. Meanwhile, the losing team is left behind to make freshly baked bread and hand-churned butter, the old-fashioned way, in preparation for dinner service. Later that evening, it's Cowboy Steak Night with VIP guests - actress and Fox News contributor Stacy Dash and Olympic Gold Medalist Phil Dalhausser.

  • 9 Chefs Compete
    After last week's shocking elimination, Chef Ramsay invites the contestants to participate in a breakfast challenge. Divided into four categories, both teams must make a vegetarian, meat, seafood and sweet dish for their surprise judges: Suzanne Tracht, executive chef and owner of Jar; and David Lefevre, executive chef and owner of M.B. Post. The winning team will enjoy a private plane to Palm Springs, where they will ride their own all-terrain vehicles, while the losing team must clean both kitchens and hand squeeze crates of oranges for a special brunch for local chefs and their families. Tempers will rise when Flo Rida and Jeff Dunham enter the dining room and after a brutal brunch scene, contestants are left shocked and disappointed.

  • 8 Chefs Compete
    This week, Chef Ramsay wastes no time, quickly throwing the remaining chefs into a challenge that will be a test of teamwork, creativity and communication. Each team will be responsible for preparing three entrees, each using a different protein. But, there's a catch: only one chef from each team will be allowed in the kitchen at a time. The winning team will enjoy a VIP day at the Santa Anita horse racetrack, while the losing team will be left behind to unload 100 pounds of lamb, in preparation for their upcoming dinner service. Later that night, during one of the most successful dinner services with VIP dining guests, actress Lainie Kazan ("My Big Fat Greek Wedding") and comedian Bill Engvall, the first team to finish their last plate will win. In a race to the finish line, one chef will fall behind.

  • 7 Chefs Compete
    Chef Ramsay puts together a blind taste test challenge, in which each chef must identify different ice cream flavors. This time, the blame won't just fall on the chef who guesses the wrong flavor. After three wrong guesses, a different team member will be blasted by a mysterious ice cream topping. The team that recognizes the most flavors will be rewarded with a shopping spree of a lifetime, $2,000 for each chef to spend at Roland Kitchenware. Meanwhile, the losing team will have to suffer through breaking down and preparing hundreds of foul smelling durian fruits. Later that night, they'll welcome special VIP guests, actress Meredith Baxter ("Family Ties") and Olympic medalist and swimmer Haley Anderson. As the competition continues to heat up, only one team will rise above and push out its best dinner service yet, while the other team crumbles.

  • 6 Chefs Compete
    Great chefs need to become great teachers. After a surprise visit from their loved ones, the remaining six chefs are quickly thrown into a challenge in which they must properly execute Chef Ramsay's Branzino dish. During the challenge, the chefs will be forced to wear a straitjacket while instructing their loved ones on how to successfully complete the signature dish. The pair with the winning dish will be rewarded with a luxurious day at the Burke Williams Spa for their entire team. The losing team will spend their day cleaning the entire dormitory. Later, during the dinner service, HELL'S KITCHEN welcomes special guests, Grammy Award winner Lil Jon, television star Cesar Millan, DJ Steve Aoki and singer Katy Tiz. It's a race, and the first team to complete service will win the night and receive black jackets.

  • 5 Chefs Compete
    After receiving their coveted black jackets, it's back to high school for the remaining chefs for their first individual challenge. Each chef will prepare a high school lunch dish, with the teenagers serving as the judges. The chef with the best report card will win the challenge and be rewarded with a trip to San Francisco for a VIP visit to Levi Stadium, home of the 49ers. Back in Los Angeles, the losers are left with trash duty and will be forced to sort all the recyclables from two weeks' worth of trash. Later that night, during a nerve wrecking dinner service, the chefs will have to prove they can be a leader as they cook for HELL'S KITCHEN's very own sous chefs. The kitchen will also welcome VIP guests, mixed martial artist, author and actor Randy Couture and actor Neil Jackson (SLEEPY HOLLOW). With the chance to act as Ramsay's sous chef, the pressure is on, but mistake after mistake leads to a shocking elimination.

  • 3 Chefs Compete
    Only three chefs remain, after Chef Ramsay unexpectedly eliminated twos. The remaining chefs will be challenged to perfectly prepare a steak dish, plus two stunning sides in just 40 minutes. They'll have to impress special guest judge, executive chef Ari Rosenson from CUT by Wolfgang Puck in Beverly Hills, who will have the final say on the winner of this meaty challenge. The winner will be rewarded with a fantastic dining experience at CUT, accompanied by Chef Ramsay, where they will be served a meal prepared by Rosenson himself. Later that evening, during the dinner service, each chef will take a turn leading the kitchen by working at the hot plate. But Chef Ramsay and his sous chefs have a few tricks up their sleeves, as they test the contestants' attention to detail and quality control. Find out which two chefs will move on to the finals.

  • Winner Chosen
    After facing a number of grueling challenges and dinner services, this season's finalists will compete one last time to see who will be victorious and claim the winning prize of $250,000 and a Head Chef position at BLT Steak at Bally's Las Vegas. During the finale, the Top Two finalists will create five stunning dishes, cold and hot appetizers and main entr?es featuring chicken, beef and fish. Each dish will be rated by a group of esteemed judges - Clifford Crooks (Executive Chef, Esquared), Chris Macchia (Executive Chef, The Florentine), Manuel Trevino (Executive Chef, Esquared), David Craine (Executive Chef, BLT Bar & Grill, NY) and Keith Treyball (President, Esquared). The winner of that round will get first pick on which returning contestant they want on their team for the final dinner service. Find out which finalist will successfully execute the most important dinner service of their career and walk away with title of HELL'S KITCHEN winner.
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