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Hell's Kitchen EpisodesSeason 6    

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  • 16 Chefs Compete
    Hell's Kitchen is open for business as 16 new contestants step into the restaurant with hopes of winning the grand prize of a Head Chef position at Araxi Restaurant in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. Chef Ramsay wastes no time and sends the chefs to the kitchen to create their signature dishes. Unlike past seasons, the signature dish challenge becomes a team challenge, pitting the men against the women. After each team presents their signature dishes, one team will receive a coveted special prize, while the others will experience the agony of losing.

  • 15 Chefs Compete
    One aspiring chef goes head-to-head with Chef Ramsay for the first time ever in the most explosive, most outrageous and most intense elimination round ever seen.

  • 14 Chefs Compete
    The chefs are woken up in the middle of the night and called to the restaurant for an impromptu challenge. When they get to the kitchen, they find Chef Ramsay and a room full of hungry firefighters waiting. The teams must cook a pasta dinner complete with garlic bread for the local heroes, and the team to feed their firefighters first wins! The winners will get to enjoy a day of relaxation, while the losers are forced to wash, polish and wax the fire engines. Two contestants' dreams might go up in smoke when they are rushed to the hospital for injuries.

  • 13 Chefs Compete
    Chef Ramsay partners up the chefs for a challenge where they must make perfectly portioned 6-inch sausages. With the competition at a rolling boil, mounting tension between the chefs causes one chef to explode. That evening, Drew Lachey, John O'Hurley, Tom Green, Melinda Clarke, Chris "Kid" Reid and Kristy Swanson, stop by Hell's Kitchen for dinner service. However, when the red team's dishes are sent back to the kitchen for being too salty and the blue team's food is cold, Chef Ramsay flies off the handle.

  • 12 Chefs Compete
    Hell's Kitchen opens its doors to host a welcome home party for a U.S. Marine named Otis James. The two teams meet with James' wife and are challenged to create two appetizers and an entre that meet her approval. The team whose menu gets chosen is treated to a sky-high adventure, while the losers are forced to clean and decorate the dining room for the party. Chef Ramsay wants this to be a special celebration and enlists his wife, Tana Ramsay, to help direct the losing team on how to plan a party. During dinner service, one team can't keep up with the orders and sends out cold food, causing Ramsay to boil over. In the end, one more chef will be sent packing

  • 11 Chefs Compete
    The competition heats up when the contestants are asked to create three-course meals using only 700 calories. As one team struggles with the calorie restriction, another chef takes advantage of prior experience. The winning team enjoys a day on the beach learning how to play volleyball from Olympic athlete Annett Davis, while the losers are forced to prep both kitchens. Later, the kitchen gets even hotter when one chef snaps back at Chef Ramsay and another chef is rushed to the emergency room.

  • 10 Chefs Compete
    Chef Ramsay asks the teams to roll the dice on a Hell's Kitchen craps table to determine which ingredients they will combine to create a tasty dish. One team rides a risky ingredient to success and earns a high-rolling reward in Las Vegas, while the losers are forced to prep the kitchens for that night's dinner service. Later, the pressure in the kitchen is higher than ever as Chef Ramsay invites chefs from his restaurants to sit at the first-ever Hell's Kitchen chefs' tables. As one team continues to make the same mistakes over and over again, another grows tired of an overly bossy teammate. Tempers flare as another chef is sent home.

  • 9 Chefs Compete
    Chef Ramsay puts the team's taste buds to the test with the blind taste-test challenge, a staple in the Hell's Kitchen competition. Ramsay wants to make sure the chefs' palates are up to par before they advance toward a Head Chef position at Araxi Restaurant in Whistler, Canada. The winners of this challenge dine with Chef Ramsay in the dark at an eatery where they can rely only their senses of taste, smell and touch. Meanwhile, it's a recipe for disaster when the doors of Hell's Kitchen open and one team runs out of potatoes and the other team serves raw meat.

  • 8 Chefs Compete
    The chefs are invited to show off their international flair when both teams are asked to create crepes. While the winning team enjoys an afternoon at a French restaurant, the losing team faces a setback when one of their own is injured during preparations for dinner service. Later, Chef Ramsay kicks three chefs out of the kitchen and others struggle with French cuisine.

  • 7 Chefs Compete
    Gordon surprises the chefs with a glimpse into what could become their new home when he gives them a tour via satellite of The Araxi in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. The chefs must then use 15 local ingredients that were flown in from Whistler to create three unique dishes. Guest judges for this challenge include Olympic gold medal-winning ice skater Sasha Cohen and skier Jonny Moseley. The winning team gets to dine with Mark Peel, owner and executive chef of Los Angeles eatery Campanile, while the losers must work on a local farm.

  • 6 Chefs Compete
    The remaining contestants join together to form one team, and Chef Ramsay pairs up the chefs for the "Taste It, Make It" challenge, in which they are asked to recreate a dish served in Gordon's restaurants. The winners of the challenge take a special behind-the-scenes tour of the restaurant at The London West Hollywood and eat lunch with Hell's Kitchen Season Four winner Christina Machamer. Upon returning from their outing, the pair is given the cold shoulder by the remaining contestants, and once dinner service starts up, things go horribly wrong, and for the first time in six seasons, Gordon walks out of the kitchen!

  • 5 Chefs Compete
    The competition heats up when Chef Ramsay announces the first individual challenge to the remaining chefs: they will be asked to create a dish that looks just as delicious as it tastes. Experts from Bon Appetit magazine make a surprise appearance to help Chef Ramsay make a decision. The winner enjoys an evening at Shutters on the Beach with Ramsay and Bon Appetit editor-in-chief Barbara Fairchild. However, once dinner service begins, everyone is under fire and no one is safe.

  • 4 Chefs Compete
    The final four chefs get a pep talk by a pint-sized version of Gordon Ramsay, Felix Light, and are then given the unique challenge of preparing 80 vegetarian entrees to serve to 80 hungry guests. The surprise twist is that the guests are 80 screaming and hungry kids, who don't necessarily love vegetables! The kids get to choose the challenge winner, who will be rewarded with a fancy makeover from a Beverly Hills salon and a lunch date with Gordon at the world-famous Nobu. When dinner service begins, two contestants are pushed to the limit and fall apart.

  • 3 Chefs Compete
    The three remaining chefs have to create one dish from various parts of the world. To add a bit more pressure, Chef Ramsay invites international culinary experts to serve as guest judges. The winner of the challenge gets to sit back and relax while the executive chefs cook and serve their signature dishes to them and their family.

  • Winner Announced
    After dinner service, one more chef gets eliminated and the final two chefs are announced. Meanwhile, in the second hour, the kitchen heats up as the final two chefs go head-to-head in their final challenge and last dinner service. At the end of the episode, one chef is crowned the winner.
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