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Hell's Kitchen EpisodesSeason 7    

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  • 16 Chefs Compete
    Chef Ramsay kicks off the new season of Hell's Kitchen by announcing that this new batch of contestants will - against all odds - successfully complete the opening night's dinner service. He then divides the 16 chefs into two teams - women vs. men - and sends them to the kitchen to create their signature dishes. After the presentation of the dishes, Ramsay sends the chefs back to the dorms to study the restaurant menu and watch a special Hell's Kitchen instructional video. During the dinner service, however, things do not go as smoothly as Chef Ramsay had hoped, and he takes some drastic measures.

  • 15 Chefs Compete
    The first team challenge is to make eggs four ways, and the team with the most properly cooked eggs wins a helicopter tour high above Los Angeles. During dinner service, both teams struggle with communication, but an argument between a chef and Ramsay could cause one team to go down in flames.

  • 14 Chefs Compete
    Chef Ramsay instructs a lesson in teamwork tonight as the chefs are tasked with serving lunch to hungry members of the University of Southern California Trojan Marching Band and Song Girls. That evening during dinner service, both teams feel the pressure, but the red team gets especially heated after one contestant on the red team gets burned.

  • 13 Chefs Compete
    It's "game on" in Hell's Kitchen when each team's ingredients are determined by a roll of the dice and the chefs' ability to think on their feet. As the teams race against the clock to craft the perfect dish, tensions between the teammates boil over.

  • 12 Chefs Compete
    Hell's Kitchen does barbecue for the first time ever, and the chefs are challenged to prepare pork-themed dishes with their chosen ingredients. But when the red team fails to keep cool under pressure, Chef Ramsay gives them a piece of his mind. Later, When it comes to judging good food, mother knows best. The chefs are tasked with preparing dishes representing each of the five "mother sauces," and two surprise judges show up to decide which dishes stand out.

  • 11 Chefs Compete
    For the evening's dinner service, it's family night and the pint-sized customers couldn't be more finicky, rowdy and demanding. As tempers flare, one contestant is sent home and Chef Ramsay surprises everyone by throwing in an unexpected twist.

  • 10 Chefs Compete
    Chef Ramsay turns Hell's Kitchen into an upscale deli when he challenges each contestant to create an original gourmet sandwich. While the winning team is treated to an amazing retreat in wine country, the losing team is left behind to perfect the peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

  • 9 Chefs Compete
    Chef Ramsay gets into an angry confrontation - with a disgruntled customer - during a disastrous dinner service. Meanwhile, when Chef Ramsay switches up the teams, the contestants face a different challenge: adjusting to their new teammates while reinventing a wedding menu for a 50th anniversary party. Who will feel the love from Chef Ramsay on this golden occasion?

  • 8 Chefs Compete
    Because he believes chefs must have superior palates, Ramsay puts the contestants' taste buds to the test in a blind tasting challenge. Although identifying foods comes easily, the contestants quickly realize they are in the dark when it comes to naming flavors. Later, during dinner service, the teams put their creativity to the test when they are asked to create an original menu.

  • 7 Chefs Compete
    The chefs' challenge features an ingredient that causes some contestants to snap. The evening's dinner service provides a new challenge as the teams are combined into one and race against the clock to serve patrons before the last curtain falls during a Hell's Kitchen dinner theater. Find out if the chefs' performances earn rave reviews or if they get panned.

  • 6 Chefs Compete
    Whoever said looks don't matter has never been to Hell's Kitchen. During the individual challenge, each chef must craft a picture-perfect dish to impress Chef Ramsay and a panel of culinary students. Later, Chef Ramsay challenges the contestants to create a dish that costs no more than $10, but tastes like a million bucks.

  • 5 Chefs Compete
    During the dinner service, passions ignite when Chef Ramsay insists that the contestants continually switch stations, and one contestant tries to take the lead. Will the chefs be able to keep their feelings under control and finish the service - or will one of them go up in flames?

  • 4 Chefs Compete
    Gordon Ramsay believes that to be a great chef you have to be a great teacher, so he brings in bachelors who have absolutely no cooking experience, and through only verbal cues, the chefs must teach their pupils how to prepare a delicious monkfish. During dinner, the chefs suffer from low energy and serve undercooked food, and when Chef Ramsay accuses one contestant of sabotaging the service, things start falling apart.

  • 2 Chefs Compete
    The key to creating a successful dish is having a discerning palate. During the individual challenge, Ramsay asks the final four chefs to recreate one of his specialties as a way to test their ability to identify ingredients and flavors. The chef who presents the most delicious dish and chooses the most ingredients correctly jets off to a day of relaxation, while the losers must return home and spend the day cleaning. The dynamic in the kitchen turns sour when the physical exertion becomes too much for one contestant and compromises the team's ability to prep for dinner service.

  • Winner Announced
    As the competition winds down, the pressure is on for the final two contestants. Chef Ramsay gives the chefs a behind-the-scenes look into the executive-chef experience, but turns up the heat by presenting a nerve-wracking challenge designed to impress five of his proteges. In their final dinner service, the contestants receive special help, but they soon discover that having too many cooks in the kitchen can be a recipe for disaster. Tune in to see which chef outperforms the competition and earns a life-changing culinary prize.
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