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Kitchen Nightmares EpisodesSeason 2    

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  • Revisited: Gordon Returns
    Head Chef Gordon Ramsay revisits the kitchens of six restaurants that were once on the verge of disaster. A year ago, these failing businesses were about to close their doors due to rough financial times and uncertainty about the future. They required the expertise of Ramsay, who stepped in to make some immediate changes. With a dramatic facelift that altered the menu, dcor and mission of each establishment, owners and staff members were finally able to taste success. But have these newly-positive reputations proven to be permanent? Can these restaurants pull themselves out of their former nightmares and into money-making dreams? Or is it time to turn off the grill and hang up the aprons?

  • Handlebar
    Chef Gordon Ramsay pays a visit to the Handlebar Restaurant and Lounge in Mt. Sinai, NY, with hopes of fulfilling a couple's dream to serve good food to good company. In what seems to be a flashback from the 1980s, owners Bill and Carolyn LeRoy are in denial of the restaurant's outdated dcor and head chef's lack of passion. Will Gordon get through to hot-headed Bill and be able to turn this restaurant around?

  • Giuseppi's
    Chef Gordon Ramsay visits Giuseppi's, a family-run Italian restaurant in Macomb Twp, MI, that's in absolute turmoil. A father-son team runs the kitchen and are constantly at each other's throat. All the tension is hindering the health of dad who suffers from diabetes. With a chaotic atmosphere in the kitchen and the lack of clientele, this family needs Gordon's help or else they are going to be forced to close their doors forever. To help ignite the passion and fun back into the restaurant, Gordon orders the father-son team have a cook-off and the winner's dish becomes a special. To help with the relaunch, Giuseppi's hosts the first ever bowl-a-thon to support diabetes and spread the word about the new restaurant. Will the new specials and spreading the word be enough to entice customers into the restaurant and get Giuseppi's back on its feet?

  • Trobiano's
    Chef Gordon Ramsay visits Trobiano's, an Italian restaurant in Great Neck, NY, that's a half-million dollars in debt. Owner and Executive Chef Anthony Trobiano's girlfriend's parents have thrown their life savings into his restaurant and the failing business has their relationship on the rocks. He needs Gordon's help to turn his business around and help mend his relationship with girlfriend Tiffany. However, when Chef Ramsay confronts Anthony about the cleanliness of the kitchen and the not-so-tasty food, it leads to an all-out confrontation and Chef Ramsay walks out. Bon Apptit magazine has a reservation for re-launch night, so both the front of the house and the kitchen must be ready to impress. Will the family and Gordon be able to get back on track and help this nightmare end?

  • Black Pearl
    Black Pearl, a seafood restaurant in New York, NY, is struggling to get out of debt and has turned to Chef Gordon Ramsay for help. With three different owners running the kitchen, the restaurant lacks consistency in both food and service. The staff is frustrated by the lack of direction, which leads to chaos and miscommunication during dinner service and leaves everyone frustrated. David, one of the owners, is referred to by the staff as a "know-it-all," is resistant to change and questions Gordon on his every move. As the re-launch quickly approaches, David still doesn't believe in any of the changes Gordon has tried to instill which leads to an all-out brawl. Tune in to find out how this episode unfolds and to see the most shocking results ever seen on the show that leave Gordon speechless.

  • J Willy's
    The owners of J Willy's Bar & Grille in South Bend, IN, are $1.2 million in debt and have called Chef Ramsay in the hopes that he can help give them a fresh start. With no one running the kitchen, most of the fare is straight from the freezer or out of a can. To start anew, Gordon challenges the staff to spend the night cleaning out the kitchen and throwing away all the rotten food lurking in the coolers. The next morning, Gordon brings in fresh ingredients and teaches the cooks how to make the various dishes that will be featured at that evening's dinner service. However, when the inexperienced cooks get flustered, the kitchen spirals out of control and it brings one customer to tears. Find out if Gordon will be able to bring the restaurant up to his standards or if it will be forced to close its doors forever.

  • Hannah & Mason's
    Chef Ramsey heads to Cranbury, NJ, to visit a French bistro named Hannah & Mason, owned by a pair of friends who lack both business experience and motivation. The staff are holding bounced paychecks, but that isn't as bad as what chef Ramsey finds inside the cooler which causes the place to be shut down on Valentine's Day.

  • Jack's Waterfront
    Chef Ramsay visits St. Clair Shores, MI, where three local body builders have taken over Jack's Waterfront, a popular spot for boaters during the summer months. However, with the imitation seafood and lack of management, this restaurant is slowly going under. With the owners and head chef willing to take Gordon's advice, they hope to turn the restaurant around so that it will prosper year-round. However, things start to flounder when the general manager cares more about drinking and socializing with the clientele than keeping the restaurant in business. Will the body builders be able to command this ship or will Jack's Waterfront sink.

  • Sabatiello's
    Chef Ramsey visits Stamford, Conn. and Sabatiello's, an Italian restaurant which is owned by a hot-tempered and has poor customer service. His staff has turned against the owner and Ramsey's offer of criticism, that he decides he will shut the place down himself.

  • Fiesta Sunrise
    Fiesta Sunrise, a family-run Mexican eatery in West Nyack, NY, is in major financial trouble and needs Chef Ramsay's help to get them back in business. Vic is the hard-headed, stubborn stepdad who is running the restaurant into the ground. Yolanda and her daughter Patti are hoping that a good stern talk from Gordon will be enough for Vic to face the facts. When Gordon arrives and finds unsanitary conditions, spoiled food and cockroaches in the kitchen, he shuts the restaurant down before they can even begin to talk about change. Will Gordon be able to get the party started again for Fiesta Sunrise or will the sun set on this restaurant forever.

  • Sante La Brea
    Los Angeles is famous for movie stars, glamorous places and healthy lifestyles. Sante La Brea is a restaurant that touts itself as a place for healthy food in a fun atmosphere. However, when Chef Ramsay visits, he finds quite the opposite. Spoiled ingredients, fake seafood and lack of customers are leaving restaurant owner Dean in major financial trouble. Aside from the finances not being up to par, the staff is disrespectful to Dean and doesn't listen to anything he says. Gordon tries to teach Dean how to lead his brigade through a dinner service, but when things get heated, the cops show up and leave everyone speechless. Will Sante La Brea be able to bounce back and join the Hollywood elite or will they be forced under.

  • Cafe 36
    Chef Ramsay visits La Grange, IL, where loving husband and wife Terry and Carol are in desperate need of some guidance when it comes to running their restaurant. Two years ago, Terry decided to make his dream a reality by buying Cafe 36, an upscale French/American Bistro. However, with little-to-no restaurant experience, the undertaking has proven to be a bit difficult. With a lack of clientele and a head chef who doesn't care about quality control, their dream is losing money. Chef Ramsay has a tough job ahead of him and is forced to give Terry and Carol a harsh reality check or else this couple will have to close their doors.
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