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Man V. Food EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Amarillo
    Adam Richman steps up to the 72-ounce Big Texan challenge at the Big Texan Steak Ranch.

  • Memphis
    Adam Richman visits Gus's World Famous Fried Chicken, Charlie Vergos's Rendezvous and goes to-to-toe with The Sasquatch Hamburger challenge that weighs in at 7 1/2 pounds, at Big Foot Lodge.

  • Pittsburgh
    Adam visits Pittsburgh and grabs a mouthwatering sandwich from the famed Primanti Brothers, stops by for a hearty breakfast, and takes on the scorchingly hot Atomic hot wings challenge.

  • Columbus
    Man v. Food's Adam Richman travels to Columbus, Ohio, to tailgate with Buckeye fans, and chow down at legendary burger joint, feast at a historic sausage house, and tackle the a 2 1/2 pound Dagwood challenge.

  • Austin
    Host Adam Richman travels to Austin for Texas-sized donuts, authentic Hill Country barbecue, and a near-impossible breakfast taco challenge.

  • Chicago
    Man v. Food's Adam Richman visits the Windy City to chow down on overstuffed sandwiches, Italian beef sandwiches, and of course Chi-town-style deep-dish pizza.

  • Atlanta
    Adam heads to Atlanta to take on the Carnivore Pizza Challenge. To win, a team of two must devour an 11-pound, 30-inch pizza in under an hour. Four hundred people have tried. No one has ever succeeded. Can Adam and his partner make history?

  • Boston
    Adam brings some Yankee pride to Boston as he goes head to head with a local Red Sox fan in the Eagles Deli Challenge: a whopping five-pound, 10-patty burger, with 20 slices of cheese, 20 pieces of bacon, five pounds of fries and a giant pickle.

  • New York
    Host Adam Richman takes down iconic one-pound sandwiches at Katz?s Delicatessen, savors soul food at Sylvia's Restaurant, and tackles the hottest curry in the country at Brick Lane Curry House during his return home to the Big Apple.

  • New Orleans
    Host Adam Richman is chowing down massive po boys at Mother's Restaurant, succulent seafood at Deanie's Seafood Restaurant, and taking on 180 oysters in the Acme Oyster House Challenge.

  • Portland
    Adam Richman visits Portland, Oregon and takes on the Great Balls of Fire Challenge: 5 habanero chili cheese fritters drenched in habanero hot sauce.

  • Seattle
    Adam Richman attempts to eat a 12-egg omelet at Beth's Cafe in Seattle. He also heads to Red Mill Burgers and samples their double bacon deluxe with cheese.

  • Los Angeles
    After a french dip and feast of roasted pork tortillas, Adam Richman comes face to face with the Special Number 2: a spicy Ramen made with 10 different chilies.

  • St. Louis
    Adam Richman visits St. Louis to chow down on Monte Cristo hot dogs and a platter of barbeque?s greatest hits, then attempts to wash 'em all down with nearly a gallon of the best milkshakes in town.

  • San Jose
    Adam Richman is in San Jose, California for mouth-watering ribs, a 5-pound burrito, and a hot wing challenge that isn't over when the food is gone.

  • Denver
    Adam visits the Mile-High City for burgers with enough toppings to fill a dartboard, some Rocky Mountain oysters, and a showdown with the biggest burrito in the West: seven potatoes, a pound of ham, a dozen eggs, a whole onion, cheese, and chili.

  • North Carolina
    Adam visits the North Carolina Triangle and chows down on chicken biscuit sandwiches, a whole-hog barbecue, and tackles a hot dog eating challenge.

  • Minneapolis
    Adam arrives in the Twin Cities, where he'll search for the birthplace of the Juicy Lucy - the Minneapolis cheeseburger with the cheese inside the burger.
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