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Man V. Food EpisodesSeason 4    

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  • Carnivore Chronicles: Meat Is King
    Adam Richman goes on a meat-filled, carnivore's vacation across America.

  • Carnivore Chronicles: Welcome To Jurassic Pork
    Adam Richman tries everything from Carolina barbecue to mammoth burgers in Boise, Idaho, during an eating odyssey.

  • Carnivore Chronicles: Delicious And Historical
    Adam enjoys a plate fit for a president at Tucson's Mi Nidito.

  • Carnivore Chronicles: Meat Is Still Awesome
    Colorado menu spanning the animal kingdom; Adam craves Memphis ribs, Baltimore pit beef and his favorite roast beef sandwiches from his hometown of Brooklyn, N.Y.

  • Carnivore Chronicles: Sacrilicious
    Adam eats hot dogs in Syracuse and barbecue in Detroit. Later, he visits two legendary eateries in Chicago.

  • Carnivore Chronicles: Meat Glorious Meat
    A whole hog is served up at The Pit in Raleigh. Also sampled: French dip sandwiches in Los Angeles; and burgers in Hawaii.

  • Carnivore Chronicles: Meat, My Love
    Adam reflects on an outrageous hamburger sandwich.

  • Carnivore Chronicles: Magnificence Of Meatiness
    Adam goes on a dining adventure in Denver.

  • Carnivore Chronicles: Meat With The Most
    Adam is in BBQ bliss in Kansas City.

  • Carnivore Chronicles: Meaty Memories
    Adam waxes poetic over succulent tri-tips and ribs; supersized submarine sammies.

  • Carnivore Chronicles: Hail To The Beef
    Adam heads to Oklahoma to tackle a T-bone.

  • Carnivore Chronicles: Beefin' Up
    Adam recalls his encounters with a Los Angeles burrito heavy weight.

  • Carnivore Chronicles: Don't Let Your Meat Loaf
    Adam visits a San Fran sandwich Mecca.

  • Carnivore Chronicles: Remember The Carnivore
    Adam takes a trip down meaty memory lane, re-visiting smoky ribs in Richmond.

  • Carnivore Chronicles: Meaty Milestones
    Adam reminisces over Little Rock's biggest BBQ.

  • Carnivore Chronicles: The Meat Shall Inherit The Earth
    Adam goes to Phoenix to rock a giant hot dog.

  • Carnivore Chronicles: Adventures With Pork
    Adam travels to Hawaii for the island's take on short ribs.

  • Carnivore Chronicles: It's A Meat Meat Meat Meat World
    Adam goes old school with the Old World Platter.
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