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Meat & Potatoes EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Between The Buns
    Rahm Fama explores some of the country's best tasting meats between buns. The Smoked Meat Sandwich dripping with juices takes center stage at Mile End Deli in Brooklyn, N.Y. Next, in Chicago, Rahm finds five-star dining on a buttery bun at Franks 'n' Dawgs where he devours The Foss Hog, a pork link topped with smoky bacon, a fried egg, and a slathering of maple mayo. On his last stop, he finds unbelievably juicy bargain burgers on the menu at Westport Flea Market Bar & Grill in Kansas City, Mo.

  • BBQ Madness
    Rahm Fama goes mad for barbecue and searches for the country's best. On a trip to Lambert's Downtown Barbecue in Austin, Texas, Rahm finds rock ???n' roll and fancy barbecue side-by-side and enjoys Fancy Brisket and Frito Pie. In Chicago, the Hong Kong-style meaty menu at Sun Wah BBQ features succulent Whole Roasted Pig and Beijing Duck along with peanut butter egg rolls. Rahm then gobbles up classic crispy, smoky burnt ends straight from the 72-foot smoke pit at Danny Edward's Boulevard BBQ in Kansas City, Mo.

  • Steakhouse Wars
    Rahm Fama sinks his teeth into succulent steak, seeking out the juiciest in the country. In Fort Lee, N.J., he discovers Prime & Beyond, a steakhouse featuring Korean-influenced cooking where he enjoys a delicious dry-aged steak and flavorful aged lamb. At David Burke's Primehouse in Chicago, Rahm gets the juicy, marbled steak from the offspring of Prime, their hulking 2,500-pound prized Black Angus bull, served with a buttery waffle-baked potato. Later, he enjoys a mixed grill fit for a cowboy at Bonnell's Fine Texas Cuisine in Fort Worth, Texas, featuring a wild boar chop, house-made Andouille sausage patties, buffalo, and elk complete with a side of spicy, cheesy grits.

  • Supersized Meat
    Rahm Fama tracks down El-Gigante, an infamous burrito layered with 8 pounds of meat, 1 pound of rice, and 1 pound of beans then slathered with a hearty meat sauce and cheese at Amigos Mexican Restaurant in Kansas City, Mo. He then makes a stop at Cowtown Diner in Fort Worth, Texas, where a team of hungry football players tackles ???The Full of Bull,??? a 64-ounce chicken-fried steak topped with 6 pounds of rich, buttery mashed potatoes. With barely room for more, Rahm visits Giant Burger in Springfield, Ore., where they flip up juicy 5-pound patties.

  • Affordable Gourmet Meats
    With just a few dollars in his pocket, Rahm Fama goes on a journey for cheap meat. He stops at the Pacific Pie Company in Portland, Ore., for delectable Australian-style savory pies with flaky pastry crusts full of tender chunks of premium meat in a rich sauce for $6 and less. In Los Angeles, Rahm enjoys an affordable, meaty Greek feast at Papa Cristo's featuring lamb, Greek potatoes, and spanikopita, then manages to also eat the lamb sandwich. He enjoys a taste of The Oaks Gourmet Market's flavorful burger made entirely out of prime, dry-aged steak with a pineapple and jalape??o compote, oozy Taleggio cheese, and crispy bacon in Hollywood, Calif.

  • Midnight Meat
    Rahm Fama finds the best meat after midnight to satisfy his late-night carnivorous cravings. In New York, he eats the goat Billy Balls at The Meatball Shop which has locals lining up until 4am for their succulent round morsels. On the opposite coast, Rahm visits the Pacific Dining Car in Los Angeles for a Maine Lobster Appletini appetizer and a Cowboy Steak with creamed spinach served 24-hours a day. His last stop at the Gilt Club in Portland, Ore., a swanky late-night supper spot, dishes up its house made pork rinds and Quail in a Jar late into the night.
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