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Meat & Potatoes EpisodesSeason 2    

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  • All American Meat
    Rahm Fama heads out across the nation in search of All American Meat. His culinary crusade takes him to unique eateries from coast to coast, as he sinks in incisors into some of the best meat in the country. To start, Rahm takes his carnivorous quest to Old Original Nick's Roast Beef, a 70-year old, Philadelphia institution serving up a simple, succulent sandwiches that are so good the locals have developed their own language for ordering. Then he heads to Los Angeles, where new comer Chili Addiction is spooning out over 90 varieties of American's favorite one pot dish. To wrap up the episode, Rahm heads to Founding Farmers, a Washington D.C. eatery owned by 40,000 American family farmers. There, chef Al Nappo ??is using grass-fed, sustainable beef to create single servings of the Colonial classic, Yankee Pot Roast.

  • Meat With Heat
    Chef Rahm Fama tracks down some of spiciest meats in the country. His first stop is Cochon in New Orleans, where the chef is putting a fiery twist on two local Cajun favorites; gumbo and alligator. Then it's on to Philly where things heat up at Han Dynasty, one of the most authentic Szechuan spots in the city. Here, our brave host digs into hot pot lamb made with hundreds of sizzling red peppers. The temperature continues to rise as Rahm heads to The Little Bitty Burger Barn in Houston. There he'll learn the secret of one of the hottest burgers in the lone star state - a saucy jalapeno-habanera creation that tips the spice scale with its extreme heat.

  • Pigging Out
    Rahm Fama heads to Houston, Texas where he's indulges in a juicy pulled pork sandwich, with a surprising North Carolina twist! Then it's on to the Liberty Tavern in Arlington, Virginia where Rahm 'swines and dines' on a plate that can only be described as a pork trifecta! Our host wraps up his pig-loving odyssey at The Gorbals in downtown Los Angeles where chef Ilan Hall is reinventing time-honored pork recipes and traditions by serving dishes such as bacon wrapped matzo balls and spicy pork ribs cooked "hillbilly" style.

  • Burger Mania
    Rahm Fama tracks down some of the country's most obsession-worthy patties. First, our meat-loving host heads to Village Whiskey in Philadelphia, where Iron Chef Jose Garces is creating a royal sensation with his signature Whiskey King Burger. Then Rahm heads west to San Francisco to Roam Artisan Burgers where they're flipping a juicy Bison Tejano Burger that's an all-natural tasty twist on the American classic. Finally at Lindy's on 4th in Tucson, Arizona, Rahm gets meat-drunk on a rock and roll burger that's a duo patty creation served up between double grilled-cheese sandwiches made with thick Texas toast.

  • Breakfast Meats
    Rahm Fama is up early, searching the country for delicious meats for breakfast. His first stop is Elizabeth's in New Orleans, a Big Easy breakfast institution where there's no better way to recover from an all night party, than indulging in local favorites like praline bacon or pork loin smothered with homemade sausage gravy. Then it's on to Miami where our host digs into meaty pork Dim Sum, a Chinese breakfast tradition popular in that city. Finally, Rahm touches down on the west coast where savory brisket hash and maple bacon biscuits keep diners at Santa Monica's Huckleberry Cafe and Bakery lining up every morning.

  • Comfort Meats
    Sometimes, nothing is as good as a meaty dish the way mom made it so settle in and get cozy, because on this episode of Meat and Potatoes, Rahm Fama is on a quest to find some of the best, comfort meats in the country. In Alexandria, Virginia, Rahm stops in at Columbia Firehouse, a historic eatery that's dishing up a classic stroganoff made with succulent bison short ribs and buttery, homemade noodles. Then it's on to The Salt Factory Pub in Roswell, Georgia where the chef is using locally raised lamb to create an indulgent Shepherd's Pie. Finally, at Houston's Zelko Bistro, Rahm digs into a modern meatloaf served with house made fried pickles.

  • Meat On The Go
    Chef Rahm Fama introduces us to some of his favorite meaty meals on the go. He starts his journey in Seattle at Tat's Delicatessen where they are serving up their famous savory Tat'strami a West Coast spin on the East Coast classic pastrami sandwich. Next, Rahm touches down in Tucson at CeeDee's Jamaican Kitchen where the hearty Caribbean cuisine proves that "fast food" tastes best when made slow. Here Rahm indeed has "One Love"... and it's their rich and zesty Oxtail Stew. Finally, Rahm enjoys a masterful mobile meal at San Francisco's gourmet bus-taurant Le Truc where they're cooking up a savory Fennel-Ginger Beef Braise more delicious than any takeout he's ever tasted.

  • Cheap Meats
    Eating mouthwatering meat for cheap is Rahm Fama's mission in this episode, as he sets out across the country in search of unbelievable, meaty deals. His first stop is Las Vegas where he rolls the dice at Agave and comes up with a lamb taco & a BBQ duck quesadilla for under five bucks. Next, Rahm heads to New Orleans to Dong Phuong, a French-Vietnamese bakery where three dollars gets him a delicious, hand-ground, pork sausage po-boy sandwich served on homemade French bread. Finally our meat-man stops off at Urban Cannibals Bodega & Bites in Atlanta where the chef is serving a gourmet, Reuben sandwich made with slow roasted Berkshire pork. It's a meaty score for less than eight bucks.

  • Meats On The Bone
    No one takes "meats on the bone" more seriously than Rahm Fama, and in this episode he's hunting down the best of the best. First up, Rahm heads to Las Vegas, where it's "go big or go home" at Hank's Steakhouse in Green Valley Ranch. There, the steak-obsessed chef is grilling up a super size, 45-ounce Tomahawk steak. Then it's on to Bean Town where BBQ and soul music take center stage at Soul Fire BBQ. Here Rahm sinks his teeth into some of Boston's best baby back ribs. Finally, the "meat man" lands in Miami, on the trail of more mouth-watering, meats on the bone. His destination is Michy's where Rahm "meats" up with James Beard award winning chef Michelle Bernstein to find out the secret of her succulent beefy, short ribs.

  • With Fries
    Everything is better with a side of fries! On this episode of Meat & Potatoes, fries take center stage as Rahm Fama scours the country for delicious meaty meals and the unique fries that come with them. Rahm's first stop is Tucson, Arizona at Zinburger, where the chef's topping his gourmet burger with fine wine and serving it up with decadently sinful Double-Truffle Fries! Then in Las Vegas at KGB in Harrah's casino, Rahm spies some meaty fries so good they should be a government secret. No doubt about it ??? everyone's a winner with Chef Kerry Simon's indulgent and fun Short-Rib, Sloppy-Joe Waffle Fry Nachos. Lastly, Rahm visits La Laiterie at Farmstead in Providence, Rhode Island where New England's "Prince of Pork" is cooking up beer-braised pork belly sandwiches served alongside crispy, handmade, golden Polenta Fries.

  • Italian Meats
    Italian Meats are on the menu in this episode of Meat & Potatoes. Rahm Fama begins his journey in Somerville, Massachusetts at Vinny's, an old-school Italian grocery turned eatery, where the Sicilian chef has been cooking up his savory Veal Osso Bucco and other Sicilian-style specialties for almost 30 years. Next, our host heads to Pane e Vino in Providence, Rhode Island where he digs into Ragu Napoletano, a fancy version of spaghetti and meatballs made with Kobe beef and sweet Italian sausage. Finally, Rahm goes crazy for Italian in Miami Beach at Escopazzo where the chef's putting a modern Tuscan twist on classic cuisine, including her signature Wild Boar.

  • Meat For Lunch
    It's lunchtime and Rahm Fama has a serious hankering for some meat! His first stop is Seattle, where he's heard that Skillet Street Food, a mobile eatery located in an Airstream trailer, is grilling up some of the best beefy burgers in the city, and they're topping them with salty and sweet bacon jam! Next, Rahm heads to Carver's Country Kitchen in Atlanta to indulge in their Southern-style luncheon, including homemade mega fried chicken breasts that are two-pounds per serving! With just enough room for one more mouthwatering, meaty lunch, Rahm wraps up this trip in Cambridge, Massachusetts and discovers the Atomic Meatloaf Meltdown Sandwich at All-Star Sandwich Bar.

  • Meat On A Stick
    Rahm Fama is on the hunt for some of the best there is when it comes to meat on a stick! A visit to San Francisco uncovers a Persian restaurant that uses real swords to skewer and grill juicy, one-pound bone-in lamb kebabs. Then it's off to Providence, Rhode Island where the chef at Hewtin's Mobile Dogs is famous for his homemade sausage on a stick. Our meat-loving culinary crusader wraps up his tour with a stop in Seattle where he learns how to make a spicy, sweet beef sataya Malaysian street food favorite!
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