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Food Network Star EpisodesSeason 11    

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  • Food Network Star Festival
    Twelve hopefuls arrive in Los Angeles in the Season 11 premiere, where they are instructed to produce a 30-second introductory video and prepare their signature dish, which will be served at a food festival attended by Food Network fans and a judging panel who includes Giada De Laurentiis and Bobby Flay.

  • Savory Baking
    Melissa d'Arabian judges the hopefuls on their ability to create an inspiring dish using only ingredients and leftovers found in an average family's refrigerator. Later, they must create a savory recipe inspired by the world of desserts to impress chef Alex Guarnaschelli.

  • Trendy Dinner
    The contestants create and photograph trendy tiny foods; and later, compete in two teams tasked with creating a five-course meal inspired by buzzwords.

  • Fourth Of July Cookout
    The finalists are split into teams to feed guests, including judge Bobby Deen, at a Fourth of July cookout.

  • The Perfect Match
    The finalists swap favorite ingredients in the Mentor Challenge; and later, work in pairs to create dishes that blend their culinary styles for first-time daters and guest judges Anne Burrell and Joachim Splichal.

  • Improv
    Pizzas with kicked up flavors are created to impress guest judge Duff Goldman, plus the winner will inspire an upcoming item on a Cici's menu. Later, the finalists are randomly assigned dish requirements, which they'll present during a four-minute live demo for food and comedy fans.

  • Food Truck Throwdown
    The finalists work in pairs for a challenge that finds them operating their own food trucks and creating a social media promo video to entice people to try their dishes. Richard Blais is the guest judge.

  • Lifestyle Brand
    The finalists are tasked with doing a video presentation showcasing a dish that can easily be recreated by a home cook in a short amount of time; and later, Damaris Phillips directs them as they express their culinary point of view with a holiday recipe.

  • Live TV
    Jeff Mauro and Katie Lee help the finalists meet the challenge of live TV.

  • Dish Of A Lifetime And Pilots
    The winner of Star Salvation rejoins the competition; and the four remaining contestants are presented with the challenge of cooking the single best dish of their life with help from a familiar sous chef. Later, it's revealed that Rachael Ray will direct each of the three finalists in a pilot.

  • We Have a Winner
    Season 11 comes to a close with a winner being named by Food Network president Brooke Johnson. But first, the nine eliminated finalists are invited back to view their former rivals' pilots with Bobby, Giada, Susie and Bob.
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