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Food Network Star EpisodesSeason 4    

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  • Star Quality
    10 aspiring TV cooks face their first on-camera challenge from Alton Brown. Then, they team up to prepare a meal for Food Network stars.

  • FN Star On The Go
    The nine remaining finalists receive a rude awakening from chef Robert Irvine, who sends them racing across Manhattan to test their food knowledge. Then, teams create and serve original brunch menus on a moving train.

  • You... In A Jar
    Martha Stewart is a guest judge as the contestants invent original food products and present them to buyers. Also: Innovative recipes are created using russet potatoes.

  • Being An Expert
    The contestants' culinary skills are tested when Tyler Florence instructs them to film videos for the Food Network Web site. Then, Iron Chef Michael Symon shows up and challenges them to create unique seafood dishes that will be served to members of the U.S. Coast Guard.

  • Enticing And Easy With Bon Appetit
    The six remaining contestants team up to create easy versions of complicated dishes. The winning dish will appear in Bon Appetit magazine. Also: Iron Chef Cat Cora challenges the contestants to enticingly describe food they've never even seen.

  • Into The Studio
    Contestants are paired with Girl Scouts, for whom they must create healthy, tasty meals. Then, they show off the dishes in front of a live studio audience on the "Rachael Ray" show.

  • Vegas Throwdown
    The final four head to Las Vegas to face off in two "Throwdown"-style competitions. Each must make an ultimate version of their signature dish, while at the same time creating their own version of a competitor's dish.

  • Ultimate Vegas Buffet
    In Las Vegas, the three remaining finalists film scripted promos at iconic locations. Then, they create lavish buffets for the city's entertainers and chefs.

  • Finale
    The remaining two finalists return to Food Network where they perform the pilot shows they've been polishing for the panel. Next there's a mini-reunion then the live reveal of the winner.
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