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Food Network Star EpisodesSeason 7    

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  • Lights, Camera, Cook, Parts 1 & 2
    The 15 finalists meet in Los Angeles at Hollywood's famous Grauman's Chinese Theater to kick off the competition for a chance to win their own Food Network show. To kick off the competition in ???Star Kitchen,??? Bobby Flay challenges the contestants to cook a breakfast dish that best represents their personal culinary style. Next, the competitors head to the Original Farmer's Market in Los Angeles to meet guest director Alton Brown, who places the finalists in five groups of three, challenging them to create an on-air promo for a ???night of programming.??? He then ups the ante revealing each group has to prepare a four-course meal and present their on-air promo for a panel of media member judges including Mario Lopez, Hal Rubenstein and Jess Cagle. Contestants are grilled not only on their meals, but also on their personalities to see which contestant has the ???it factor??? and what it takes to be a Food Network Star.

  • In the Line Of Fire
    The remaining 14 hopefuls, joined by pizza-throwing champion Tony Gemignani, put their own personal twist on pizza. With a surprise elimination after the first challenge, the 13 finalists dive in to the next competition where they make restaurant dishes accessible to the everyday cook at home. The finalists are placed in three groups to reinvent a complex restaurant creation for the average at-home viewer. Scott Conan, Anne Burrell, and Pat and Gina Neely join to critique the contestants not only on flavor and creativity, but also on the ability to adapt the recipe for the average consumer.

  • Dueling Desserts
    The 12 finalists make dinner using only Hershey's ?? products. Then, surprise guests Duff Goldman and Robert Irvine challenge the 12 finalists to create a ???Dueling Dessert??? party. Two teams, two personalities and two different demands - the contestants set out on Team Duff and Team Robert to create decadent dessert dishes to suit the tastes of their team captains.

  • Cougartown And Paula Deen
    Season five Star winner, Melissa d'Arabian, kicks off the episode by challenging each of the 11 finalists to create an amuse bouche in 45 minutes using Kellogg's cereals, toaster pastries, and items typically found in a home kitchen. Michael Symon joins the contestants as they present their dishes. Then they head to the set of ABC's hit series Cougar Town where the finalists are divided into five teams and challenged to create an on-set meal for the cast and crew. Paula Deen, Courteney Cox, show creator Bill Lawrence and other cast members are on hand to evaluate the final product.

  • Diners, Drive-Ins And 4th Of July
    The ten finalists must prove that they can entertain just as well as they can cook. Guy Fieri explains that each finalist will take part in a taping at Mel's Drive-In, which takes some finalists out of their kitchen comfort zone. Then, it's all fireworks as the contestants put their own spin on American classics using MGD 64 as a special ingredient for the Fourth of July All-American Food Festival. The twist: Finalists must take the stage and serve as the live entertainment for the day, demonstrating their entree for the audience before manning their individual stations.

  • Food Truck Face Off
    Tyler Florence divides the nine finalists into three groups of three challenging them to create and brand a unique menu for a lunch truck and sell their product to consumers. They must film an advertising spot promoting their truck and then serve mobile meals to viewers they inspired. Viewers can only visit the truck whose advertisement they liked best, so contestants have to put their best foot forward to stand out to consumers. The finalists must also impress season six Star winner Aarti Sequeira as she stops by each truck and tastes their special dish. Which team will master the art of selling and outshine all the other competitors?

  • Dinner Party For Wolfgang Puck
    Bobby Flay charges the eight finalists to create a signature dish and addresses their culinary weaknesses to help them shine before each finalist must demo their dish in front of the selection committee. Later, Bobby shows up at the finalists' house and reveals the next challenge: the seven remaining finalists must host a dinner party for important guests and create a menu with only the ingredients and supplies in the house. HGTV's Sabrina Soto makes a guest star appearance to help the finalists get the house dinner party ready, but it's a mad dash to the kitchen, and things get heated as the finalists battle over limited resources. The surprise guest, Wolfgang Puck, arrives with the judges to help decide which six finalists will head to New York City to finish the race to become a Food Network Star.

  • Ina Garten And Rachael Ray
    The six remaining finalists arrive at Food Network headquarters in New York City and are greeted by Ina Garten and Bobby Flay. She challenges them to create unique cupcakes that best represent their personalities. Next, contestants are floored when Rachael Ray joins them via satellite and informs them they must put on a live three-minute demonstration on the Rachael Ray Show. Each finalist puts their original twist on a traditional dinner dish hoping to impress the live studio audience and Rachael Ray herself.

  • Comedy Roast
    The five finalists begin this action-packed episode scouring the stores of Chelsea Market in New York City searching for the ???Best Thing I Ever Ate.??? Bobby Flay then directs them to describe why this dish is so wonderful and how it impacted them. Next, the finalists prepare a signature roast dish that will in turn get roasted by guest star comedians Gilbert Gottfried, Aubrey Plaza, Anthony Anderson, Louie Anderson and Judy Gold. The surprise guests reveal who preps the best slab of meat, and who's just comic relief.

  • Iron Chef
    Tension rises as the four finalists enter today's challenge to battle it out Iron Chef America style. Alton Brown explains that two finalists will battle in Kitchen Stadium creating dishes inspired by a secret ingredient while the other two act as commentators trying to outdo each other's knowledge and finesse, and then the pairs switch roles. Iron Chef Michael Symon joins the intense action as a guest judge, and the heat is on in this head-to-head battle as the competitors taste and judge each other's food for the first time this season! Whose cuisine will reign supreme and advance to the season finale to battle for a chance to be a Food Network Star?tique the contestants not only on flavor and creativity, but also on the ability to adapt the recipe for the average consumer.

  • Finale/Cook For Your Life And Pilots
    The three finalists prepare the best dishes of their life to present to the selection committee. In a final twist, only two finalists make it to the next challenge to film their signature pilot episode directed by surprise guest, Guy Fieri. After evaluations and deliberations, one finalist sees his or her photo added to the Food Network wall of fame and is named a Food Network Star.
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