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Kid In A Candy Store EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • LA Desserts: Chillin' With Chocolate
    Duff gets a sweet taste of the rebellious, the down-home, and the totally foreign side of LA. From chilled bread pudding in the madness of the Venice boardwalk, to a vertically challenged cookie in a funky eatery on the city's eastside, to a radical take on shaved ice in bustling K-Town - Duff quickly learns that LA never takes its sugar with a grain of salt.

  • Dallas Desserts: Down-Home And Made From Scratch
    Duff eats his way through some of the best desserts the bold city of Dallas has to offer: from a delicious Coconut Pie made by an old-timer at a legendary diner, to Tableside S'mores made from scratch at an updated roadhouse, to a Peppermint Red Velvet Whoopee Pie, a Texas-style version of the Amish pastry. When a dish is called a dessert in these parts, you can bet your sweet tooth there's no sugarcoating going on.

  • Boston Desserts: Doughlicious!
    Duff learns the secrets of a rare Italian dessert, Sfogliatella, at Modern Pastry; his taste buds are turned upside down when he tries the Lemon Ginger Mousse at a hip Asian diner; and finally, he goes street-wise with some Boston Cream Fried Dough at one of the most popular food carts of the Boston Common.

  • Chicago Desserts: Something Old, Something Bold, And Something Rock'N'Roll!
    Duff revisits his European heritage with a slice of Apple Strudel, done the old-world way, at the legendary Berghoff Restaurant. He rides across town to Hoosier Mama Pies to try a dessert that's fit for The King. And when he is just about sugared out, Duff makes a savory pit stop to try the radical Motherloaf Cupcake.

  • Philadelphia Desserts: Phreakin' Phenomenal!
    Duff drinks from a mad scientist's erupting Hot Chocolate Volcano at the Rim Cafe; He returns down-home with an old school Rice Pudding at the Brown Betty Dessert Boutique; then Duff switches from 2 wheels to 4 to join the Sugar Philly food truck and taste their Milk-and-Honey Macarons.

  • New Orleans Desserts: Fire... Ice.. And Bacon!
    Duff has a face-off with a Maple Glaze Bacon donut in a shop run by New Orleans cops. Across town, he learns to make fluffy Sno Ballz on the first-ever shaved-ice machine at Hansen's Sno Bliz. And in the historic French Quarter, he indulges in Bananas Foster and learns why 35,000 lbs of bananas are set aflame each year to satiate the city's appetite for this New Orleans original. With endless flair for the theatrical, the Big Easy will be a Mardi Gras in Duff's sugar-craving mouth.
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