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Tough Cookies EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Jersey S'more
    It's summer time in Ocean City, NJ, and business is booming at Crazy Susan's cookie shop. Crazy Susan is asked to make a cookie of a lifetime for a Sweet 16 party for the daughter of one of her oldest friends. Susan has never been to a Sweet 16, but she thinks back to childhood to invent a s'more cookie. Meanwhile, her sister Linda wants to increase business at their boardwalk location so she runs a family competition between Lori, the reigning boardwalk queen, and the three 20-something nephews - Mark the Gigolo, Sammy the Gopher and Susan's son Lil' Barry. They each have their own personality-driven tactics and the competition is neck and neck as Lori fights to save her job.

  • Going Bananas
    For their father's 88th Birthday Party, Susan and Linda gather the family together to make a classic banana split cookie for their classic father. Transforming an ice cream sundae into a cookie is no easy task, as each layer presents its own challenge. The entire family gets together to try it at a heartfelt celebration, with over 50 family members in attendance! Nephews Mark and Sammy are also sent out on an important cookie delivery, and the duo instead gets derailed by girls at a clothing store. When they give all of the cookies away to the ladies, they risk losing customers and have some serious explaining to do to Linda and Susan.

  • Fish Out Of Water
    Susan attempts to create 250 never-before-seen "popcorn cookie", the perfect combo of sweet and salty, for the head chef at the Ocean City Yacht Club, who is holding a benefit in an effort to bring in new clientele. Of course, that means the whole family is planning to attend the event, and descend upon the posh yacht club as if they were barbarians storming the gates. Meanwhile, boardwalk queen Lori teaches the next generation of family members about running the boardwalk as everyone in the family has to learn the business-there's no escaping it. Trouble ensues when the teenagers get overwhelmed by long lines, customer demands and forgetfulness.

  • New Cookie On The Block
    It's the biggest event of the summer for Crazy Susan's - the Ocean City Block Party...and Susan is nowhere to be found, which creates an extremely stressful morning for Linda and her army of family members pitching in to make 5000 cookies for the event. Since she's delayed, and out of necessity, Susan has Stephanie take the reins, and gets her first chance to start baking. Susan is inspired to create a special cookie just for the mayor, to present to him at the block party and devises her interpretation of a "Moose Tracks" cookie.

  • Business Goals
    The Ocean City Nor'Easters, a local amateur soccer team, has a stadium on the boardwalk. Linda and the team manager collaborate on a promotion where the whole crowd can present their ticket for a free cookie at Crazy Susan's. Susan is inspired to create an all-American, highly caloric, "kitchen sink cookie" for the soccer players to try when they come in for the promotion. Meanwhile, Linda brings in some new blood to the shop - her niece Jessica, a business student, who wants to know more about how to run a successful bakery business. Linda teaches her how to operate, and tells her to train in each department (the counter and cash register with Stephanie, the baking with Susan, and the boardwalk with Lori and Linda). Jessica shows if she has what it takes in helping with the soccer promotion, but when she's put in charge, things start to go awry.

  • Breakfast Cookies
    Susan has the idea to make a "cereal cookie" after hearing how Linda wants to attract more kids to the boardwalk. Since boardwalks have games, the family decides to create a family-friendly attraction, so Johnny gathers the family muscle to come up with a cookie dispenser game that keeps players guessing about which cookie they'll receive next.

  • Jersey Girls
    It's the Miss New Jersey pageant at Ocean City, and the current Miss New Jersey orders cookies for all of the contestants. Susan is inspired by a Father's Day pie-eating contest and decides to make a "pie cookie" with NJ's state fruit, the blueberry. Meanwhile, Stephanie and Sammy prepare Michael's house for the arrival of his baby daughter. Hilarity ensues as Stephanie and Sammy struggle to assemble the nursery for the newborn. Things get harder for Stephanie when Sammy leaves her to deliver the cookies to the lovely ladies at the pageant. Stephanie, Susan, Linda and Carmie visit Michael to welcome the newest member of Crazy Susan's family.

  • Wedding Cake Cookies
    At long last, Jessica and her boyfriend Pierre Luigi decide to officially tie the knot! The whole family comes out to celebrate at an intimate beachfront wedding. Knowing that she needs to make a special cookie as memorable as the wedding itself, Susan decides to push her limits and come up with a "wedding cake cookie" that will rival the real thing. Linda also sees this as a great opportunity to try out a cookie bar which she hopes to launch at weddings in the next few months. Who better to try out these brainstorms on than family?
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