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Top ChefSeason 2    

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  • Into The Fire
    Fifteen diverse cooks take to the kitchen to vie for culinary honors. In the first challenge, they must create a flambe dish. Then, they must whip up original cuisine using five designated ingredients found in a mystery box.

  • Eastern Promise
    The contestants endure a rude early-morning wake-up call to buy fresh produce at a fish market. They then have 30 minutes to prepare a sushi plate. Later, the group must create Korean and Vietnamese cuisine. Sushi expert Hiroshi Shima and celebrity chef Ming Tsai are guest judges.

  • Food For The People
    The remaining chefs make ice cream. Then, the heat is on when they create favorite childhood foods with the help of a firehouse staff.

  • Less Is More
    The chefs are required to create amuse-bouche - bite-sized morsels similar to hors d'oeuvres. Then, in the second challenge, the group visits a weight-loss camp. Suzanne Goin serves as guest judge.

  • Social Service
    Talents are truly tested when the chefs must create delectable fare from disgusting leftover animal parts, including chicken feet, pigs' blood and lamb hearts. Chef Michelle Bernstein serves as guest judge.

  • Thanksgiving
    The contestants cook up Thanksgiving dinner and are challenged to prepare cuisine using only canned goods. Anthony Bourdain serves as guest judge.

  • The Raw And The Cooked
    The chefs are challenged to whip up cuisine without the benefit of modern-day technology. Rafael Lunetta serves as guest judge.

  • Holiday Spirit
    In a holiday-themed episode, the budding chefs must whip up a party appetizer and complement it with a cocktail. Mixologist Kristin Woodward is the guest judge.

  • Seven
    Actress Debi Mazar makes an appearance in this colorful installment, which finds the chefs serving up a savory three-item creation using one of the hues of the rainbow. Ted Allen and chef Robert Ivan are guest judges.

  • Unhappy Customers
    The chefs work on a late-night snack. San Francisco restaurateur Mike Yakura is the guest judge.

  • Sense And Sensuality
    A dessert storm brews when the remaining chefs dip into chocolate to create a sweet or savory dish. Eric Ripert serves as guest judge.

  • Finale, Part 1
    The final four cooks journey to the Big Island of Hawaii. While there, they must prepare regional cuisine using the island's native ingredients - from fish to fruit - and stage a bountiful luau. Alan Wong is the guest judge.

  • Finale, Part 2
    One of the final two cooks is crowned Top Chef on the Big Island of Hawaii. Here, the two are under fire as they must whip up the meal of their lives before a formidable table of culinary judges. One of the prizes: $100,000 in seed money to start a cooking career.
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