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Top ChefSeason 5    

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  • Melting Pot
    The culinary-arts competition gets cooking with 17 new chefs descending on New York City. Their inaugural challenge: to serve up dishes based on ethnic flavors of the city's various districts. Padma Lakshmi and Tom Colicchio return as host and head judge, respectively. Toby Young serves as a new series judge.

  • Show Your Craft
    The culinary contestants must create and serve lunch fare to actual customers at a restaurant founded by head judge Tom Colicchio. Celebrity restaurateur Donatella Arpaia is the guest judge.

  • Foo Fighters Thanksgiving
    In a Thanksgiving-themed episode, the gastronomes try to rise to the top of the food charts by creating cuisine for the rock band Foo Fighters. Restaurateur Grant Achatz is the guest judge.

  • Today Show
    The heat is on when the 14 remaining foodies compete in a speedy culinary challenge to win a booking on "Today." Celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito serves up a guest judge turn.

  • Gail's Bridal Shower
    The chefs must arrange a bridal shower for series judge Gail Simmons and also cook up a course for the event. Culinary magazine editor Dana Cowin is the guest judge.

  • 12 Days Of Christmas
    A holiday-themed outing is on the menu, with domestic guru Martha Stewart overseeing the quickfire challenge. Then, the cooks cater a Christmas cocktail party hosted by actress and guest judge Natasha Richardson, with proceeds benefiting AIDS research.

  • Focus Group
    The epic epicurean odyssey continues with a sweet feat: The chefs must create a sweet dish - without using sugar. Chef and restaurateur Jean-Christophe Novelli is the guest judge.

  • Down On The Farm
    The backdrop switches from urban to rural when the chefs journey to the country to gather fresh ingredients. They then serve up a food-fare feast to farm workers. Chef Dan Barber is the guest judge.

  • Restaurant Wars
    The remaining chefs participate in the show's traditional and all-encompassing "restaurant wars" challenge, in which they must create all aspects of an eatery in only 24 hours. Restaurateur Stephen Starr is the guest judge.

  • Super Bowl Chef Showdown
    The Super Bowl is saluted when the foodies go the extra yard in a football-themed culinary cook-off against former series players, including Season 4's Andrew and Spike, Season 3's Camille and Season 2's Josie. Chef Scott Conant is the guest judge.

  • Le Bernardin
    It's a pressure cooker when the chefs showcase their culinary skills while cooking in an acclaimed New York City eatery. Chef Eric Ripert is the guest judge.

  • The Last Supper
    Chef Wylie Dufresne and celebrity cook Jacques Pepin are the guest judges when the remaining foodies prove their culinary mettle in the last challenge before the finale.

  • Season Finale, Part 1
    The final chefs journey from New York City to New Orleans. It won't be easy in the Big Easy: The chefs must kick it up a notch when celeb chef and guest judge Emeril Lagasse appraises their culinary moves.

  • Season Finale, Part 2
    The winning chef is revealed in the conclusion of the Season 5 finale, which is set in New Orleans.

  • Reunion Special
    Host Andy Cohen serves up a reunion edition, in which Season 5's chefs and series principals Padma Lakshmi, Tom Colicchio, Gail Simmons and Toby Young gather together to dish on the season's savory triumphs and bitter-tasting dramas. The culinary contingent also fields viewer inquiries.
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