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Top ChefSeason 7    

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  • What's Your Constituency?
    17 new culinary artisans infiltrate the nation's capital. In their first elimination challenge, they must prepare food fare that best represents themselves and their home region.

  • Outside The Lunch Box
    In support of First Lady Michelle Obama's national initiative to end childhood obesity, the culinary artisans plate healthy kid fare at a middle school. White House chef Sam Kass is the guest judge.

  • Capitol Grill
    It's a dessert storm when the remaining chefs must create a pie from scratch. Later, the contestants are charged with grilling up a classic picnic for Capitol Hill interns. Jonathan Waxman is the guest judge.

  • Room Service
    The food fighters must whip up baby food for host Padma Lakshmi's newborn infant. Then they are split into teams of two to create room-service breakfast, lunch and dinner for discerning hotel guests. Appearing: former contestants Bryan Voltaggio, Michael Isabella and Spike Mendelsohn. Restaurant-concepts maven Beth Scott and organic-foods chef Nora Pouillon are the guest judges.

  • Farm Policy
    It's a fab crab grab when the meal mavens must cook with an Eastern Shore delicacy - blue-crab meat. Later, they visit a Virginia farm to serve up fare with fresh ingredients. Chef and restaurateur Patrick O'Connell serves as guest judge.

  • Cold War
    The contest heats up when the chefs create cold entr???es. Chef Michelle Bernstein is the guest judge.

  • Power Lunch
    The chefs prepare bite-size fare, then create a power lunch at an upscale eatery. Taste testers include chef Art Smith; politicos Aaron Schock and Mark Warne; and journalists Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski and Savannah Guthrie.

  • Foreign Affairs
    The culinarians prepare Ethiopian food, then serve up dishes inspired by a foreign embassy. Chefs Marcus Samuelsson and Jose Andres serve on the judging panel.

  • Restaurant Wars
    The chefs battle in a culinary relay race - while blindfolded. Then it's time for the time-honored "Restaurant Wars" challenge, in which the chefs are divided into teams and run an eatery. Guest judges include Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and food critic Frank Bruni.

  • Covert Cuisine
    Mystery and spyjinks abound when items in a mystery box challenge the chefs, who must then transform famous dishes into different culinary fare. They serve up their creations inside closely guarded CIA headquarters to CIA director Leon Panetta and his allies. Wylie Dufresne is the guest judge.

  • Making Consessions
    The six remaining culinarians play ball, commandeering two baseball concession stands at Nationals Park in Washington, D.C. They step up to the plate to create game snacks, adding a high-end culinary quality to the fare. Baseball players Adam Dunn, Matt Capps and John Lannan make appearances. Rick Moonen is the guest judge.

  • Gastro-nauts
    A space odyssey ensues when the remaining chefs must produce tasty space-food creations. The winning dish is then served in space. Apollo astronaut Buzz Aldrin makes an appearance. Anthony Bourdain and Dana Cowin are the guest judges.

  • Finale, Part 1
    The heat's on when the remaining chefs square off in the penultimate culinary challenge in Singapore

  • Finale, Part 2
    Piping-hot pressure marks the conclusion of Season 7. The final three chefs try to seal the deal with an expert meal, after which the season's winner is revealed. The victor earns $125,000.

  • Reunion Special
    Andy Cohen chats up Season 7's cheftestants and judges.
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