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Worst Cooks In America EpisodesSeason 4    

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  • Worst Of The Worst
    Chefs Anne Burrell and Bobby Flay look for 14 terrible home cooks whom they can whip into shape.

  • Straight Edge Skills
    The competitors go fishing; and their knife skills are put to the test when a cooking challenge involves butchery.

  • Fire And Ice
    A challenge involving unique flavor combinations is designed to help train the recruits' palates. Also: Burgers and gelato are prepared for special guest Willie Degel.

  • Do It Yourself Cooking
    The recruits are encouraged to rely on themselves when they make their own Chinese takeout. Later, Ron Ben-Israel joins them in the kitchen as they attempt to bake cakes.

  • Face Your Fears Of Feeding
    The six remaining recruits offer samples of their cooking to shoppers at a grocery store; and later, cater a party for a group of motorcycle riders.

  • Revisit Your Past Before The Last
    The final four recruits get to cook for their loved ones.

  • So Close I Can Almost Taste It
    A winner is declared following the final battle between Team Anne and Team Bobby.
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